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  1. dgstorm

    South Korean Government is Investigating Apple for an Unnamed Reason

    Apple is being investigated by the South Korean government, and we have no idea why. The report indicates that during a parliamentary hearing held today (June 28th, 2016), FTC Chairman Jeong Jae-chan refused to answer when a South Korean lawmaker asked him why the SK FTC was investigating Apple...
  2. dgstorm

    Handy Video Shows Off 50 New iOS 10 Features

    We found a handy video from a YouTube blogger named EverythingApplePro. He shared an amazing video preview of iOS 10. In the video, which is surprisingly only 11:37 long, we get to see 50 different features of iOS 10 demoed briefly. In fact, so many cool features were demoed in this video that a...
  3. dgstorm

    Apple Shows Off iOS 10

    The new version of Apple's iPhone operating system is here. Apple debuted iOS 10 at the WWDC event today. Here are just some of the coolest new iOS X features and functions from those creative Cupertino engineers: Automatic download of apps across your devices including your AppleTV and iOS...
  4. dgstorm

    Apple TV New & Improved

    Apple also shared a number of awesome enhancements for Apple TV. Here's a quick breakdown of the best highlights: Now has 1300 Channels - Now includes Sling, FoxSportsGo and more 6000 Native Apps AppleTV Remote improvements - App on the iPhone that is just like the SiriRemote and you can enter...
  5. dgstorm

    Apple Debuts WatchOS 3 with New Features and Improvements

    Apple started off their event by going over the new watchOS for the AppleWatch. The new watchOS includes several improvements and some new features. Here's a breakdown of some of the highlights: Instant Launch and other speed improvements New Apple Dock for watchOS New Control Center for...
  6. dgstorm

    Apple's WWDC16 Event Kicking Off Now!

    Apple's live stream of their WWDC16 press event is starting at Noon CTD (10ET). You can watch the event from this link: Apple Events - Apple Event - WWDC Keynote June 2016. You will need an Apple device or Safari to watch the event.
  7. dgstorm

    Microsoft is Acquiring LinkedIn for $26.2 billion

    Here's that video:
  8. dgstorm

    Microsoft is Acquiring LinkedIn for $26.2 billion

    Here's a play from out of left field that comes as a surprise. Microsoft is acquiring LinkedIn for $26.2 Billion USD. Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella believes that LinkedIn is a prefect for Microsoft, and we can see his point. Microsoft has been focusing on the enterprise market more and more...
  9. dgstorm

    Facebook will Now Let You Post Videos in Comments

    Just in case you want to create even more videos to share across the interwebs, now Facebook will let you add them to your comments and replies to other folks' Facebook posts. Here's a quote from the Facebook blog post on the subject: "Yesterday marked my 7th “Faceversary” (annual anniversary...
  10. dgstorm

    Crashes Persist for Some iPad Pro 9.7-inch Models [Follow-Up]

    A few days ago we shared the multiple reports of random crashing of iPad Pro 9.7-inch models. There were even instances where users devices were "bricked." These problems have actually been persisting for about 6 weeks now, and both iOS 9.3.1 and iOS 9.3.2 versions appear to be affected. We...
  11. dgstorm

    Apple ID Problems Causing Widespread Apple Site Outages

    We've been receiving multiple reports of widespread Apple site outages. Folks on Apple’s support forum, social media and elsewhere have been complaining about it. Most of these service outages are impacting the Apple ID website as well as Apple’s iForgot site. Apple has yet to report on any...
  12. dgstorm

    Did Apple Music Steal Your Music Files Too?

    A tech blogger named James Pinkstone recently recounted a terrifying horror story regarding his music files being effectively stolen from his computer by Apple Music itself. Specifically, Pinkstone claims that Apple Music stored the music files in the iCloud and then deleted...
  13. dgstorm

    Viv Digital Voice Assistant to be a Better Conversationalist Than Siri

    In the world of artificially intelligent digital voice assistants, it looks like there will be a new girl/guy in town soon. There's a startup company working on something called Viv that is meant to be an eve better conversationalist than Apple's Siri. What's especially intriguing about this...
  14. dgstorm

    Apple New 'Shot On iPhone' Ad Celebrates Mother's Day

    You can always hand it to Apple to come up with great video commercials to share all of the great things they are doing in the world. They also love to celebrate the various meaningful events in our lives, because, of course, we have our iPhones nearby to help us commemorate them. Their latest...
  15. dgstorm

    FBI Claims Won't Share iPhone 5C Hacking Secret with Apple Because They Don't Understand It

    Which is more disconcerting to you... That the FBI might lie/exaggerate to keep from sharing the iPhone 5C security vulnerability with Apple, or that they are too incompetent to even understand the hack to begin with? That's the situation the Federal Bureau of Investigations is currently...
  16. dgstorm

    YouTube is Introducing 6 Second Un-Skippable Bumper Ads

    Here's a story from yesterday that we didn't quite get to at the end of the day. YouTube just announced they are planning to implement their new 6 second un-skippable micro-ads. They are called bumper ads and Project Manager Zach Lupei described them as — “a new six-second video format […] ideal...
  17. dgstorm

    Apple Watch ‘flop’ outsold Rolex by about $1.5 billion

    Here's an interesting read regarding the Apple Watch being a "flop." All the industry pundits and naysayers are focusing on the negative aspects of the Apple Watch, but they are missing the point about just how successful of a product it really was: Apple Watch ‘flop’ outsold Rolex by about...
  18. dgstorm

    Siri and Liam – Earth Day video

  19. dgstorm

    Apple Rumored to Have Secret Car Lab in German Capital

    This story seems to contradict that Apple is working with German auto companies: Apple Car Talks With Daimler and BMW Fell Apart Over Leadership Issues, iCloud
  20. dgstorm

    Apple Rumored to Have Secret Car Lab in German Capital

    Apple supposedly has a clandestine car research facility in Berlin, Germany. According to the latest intel, this secret lab employs between 15 and 20 "top class" men and women from the German automotive industry, who are described as "progressive thinkers" in their industry. Most of these folks...
  21. dgstorm

    Motor Trend Shares Their Apple Car Concept Based on 'exhaustive research' & 'speculation'

    It seems that Motor Trend believes they know what the mythological "Apple Car" might look like when it becomes a reality. The car magazine culled a group of renowned editors, analysts and industry insiders to come up with a concept for the Apple Car. They created a video in which they discuss...
  22. dgstorm

    Apple Inks $2.6 Billion Deal with Samsung to Make 100 Million OLED Display Panels in 2017

    There have been numerous rumors over the past several months suggesting that Apple was working out a deal with Samsung Display Technologies. The rumors indicated that the Korean manufacturer would be building OLED display panels for some future Apple device. Most of the rumors pegged 2018 for...
  23. dgstorm

    FBI Went to 'Gray Hat Hackers' for Zero-Day Exploit to Open San Bernardino iPhone

    The truth has finally been revealed regarding how the FBI was able to crack into the San Bernardino shooter's iPhone C. Apparently, the DOJ (Department of Justice) found some "Gray Hat" hackers who sold them a zero-day exploit to break into the device. This exploit basically allowed the FBI to...
  24. dgstorm

    HTC 10 is the First Android Device to Natively Support Apple's Air Play

    It looks like HTC is branching out a little from Android-land. The new HTC 10 has a strange new feature. It has the distinction of being the first Android device to feature native support for Apple's Air Play. This will allow folks to stream or share content to their Air Play enabled Apple...
  25. dgstorm

    Lutron adds Amazon Echo Support

    Lutron is the next connected home lighting company to add their name to the list for Amazon Echo support of their products. Philips Hue, WeMo, Nest, Insteon and Samsung's Smart Things were the first companies to jump on board (or later add) support for the Echo. Customers can now add Lutron...
  26. dgstorm

    Apple iPad Pro 9.7-inch Scores a Meager 2 out of 10 Repairability on iFixit Teardown

    It's that time again! We have a new iPad device, and the folks at iFixit are committed to displaying the inner intricacies of it. The 9.7-inch iPad Pro is on their operating table today, and it comes out of the surgery with a measly 2 out of 10 repairability. The problem lies with the heavy use...
  27. dgstorm

    Happy Birthday Apple! Almost Over the Hill at the Big Four-Oh

    Shout out a big Happy Birthday to Apple! The tech titan just turned 40 today. Yep... that's right. If Apple were a person, it would be almost over the hill already! ;) Of course, with advances in medical science, 50 or even 60 could be considered the new 40. When you consider Apple is a tech...
  28. dgstorm

    Sphero Ollie is an Android (or iOS) App Controlled Robot for $84 on Amazon

    For the kids in your life (even if that secretly means yourself), here's a cool little gadget which will likely provide a great deal of entertainment. It's called the Sphero Ollie, and it's basically a small robot that you can remote-control with your Android (or iOS) device. Ollie is...
  29. dgstorm

    Google is in the FBI's Crosshairs Over Encryption Too

    Even though Apple was the big tech firm in the spotlight recently for holding their ground against the FBI's overreach on encryption, Google has also been in the crosshairs of the Department of Justice (DOJ) over the same issue. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) released an interactive...
  30. dgstorm

    Apple Off the Hook? FBI Gains Access to San Bernardino iPhone and Drops Demands

    Here's Apple's full response, for those who are interested, "From the beginning, we objected to the FBI’s demand that Apple build a backdoor into the iPhone because we believed it was wrong and would set a dangerous precedent. As a result of the government’s dismissal, neither of these...
  31. dgstorm

    Apple Off the Hook? FBI Gains Access to San Bernardino iPhone and Drops Demands

    The Department of Justice reported late yesterday that they had gained access to the San Bernardino shooter's iPhone. Because of this, they are dropping their court case which sought to force Apple to open the phone for them. The court filing to drop the FBI demands against Apple did not...
  32. dgstorm

    Israeli Firm Cellebrite to Help FBI Unlock Shooter's iPhone

    It turns out that the FBI really did find a third party solution to help them try to unlock the San Bernardino shooter's iPhone without involving Apple. According to the latest reports, the Department of Justice just signed a $15,000 contract with an Israeli firm called Cellebrite. Cellebrite...
  33. dgstorm

    Benchmarks Show Apple's New iPhone SE & 9.7-Inch iPad Pro Both Have 2GB RAM

    One of the internal hardware details which Apple almost never divulges immediately with their products is the amount of RAM they have. Yesterday's launch of the new iPhone SE and the 9.7-inch iPad Pro are no exception. Despite that, the info always comes out one way or another. We already have...
  34. dgstorm

    DOJ Delays Apple Hearing at the Last Minute; Claims Possible Third-Party Method for Unlocking iPhone

    Just like the plot of some intriguing spy-thriller, the FBI vs. Apple court case that was to be heard this morning, was delayed by a last minute request from the Department of Justice. The DOJ postponed the hearing last night, in which they would have gone up against Apple to get the court to...
  35. dgstorm

    Apple TV Improvements Detailed at Press Event Too!

    There is one other product that Apple talked a little bit about at their press event today. Apple shared enthusiasm for some software improvements to their latest Apple TV. Apparently, the newest version of tvOS includes improved Siri capabilities, like better search, better folders for...
  36. dgstorm

    Apple's 9.7-Inch iPad Pro is Officially Unveiled

    It's an interesting gamut of iPads that Apple has available now.
  37. dgstorm

    Apple's 9.7-Inch iPad Pro is Officially Unveiled

    Apple showed off the new 9.7-inch iPad Pro which was previously rumored. The new smaller version of the iPad Pro is jam packed with powerful hardware and features. Here's a breakdown: Brand new and improved "Pro" display - brighter, wide color gamut, and with lower reflectively - includes new...
  38. dgstorm

    Apple Takes on Human Health

    The third topic of conversation from Apple at today's (March 21st, 2016) event discussed their newest human health related projects. Apple is developing various apps and initiatives for their products to help diagnose and deal with a wide variety of health conditions, including diabetes, autism...
  39. dgstorm

    Apple Kicks Off Event by Talking About the FBI vs. Apple Debate & Apple's Environmental Initiatives

    Apple started their event today by talking about anything except their products. Tim Cook took the stage and reiterated Apple's position against the FBI's order to decrypt the San Bernardino iPhone. He didn't spend too much time on it, but it was an interesting departure worth noting...