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    Really nice carry bag for Ipad!!

    I got it in store. I think this is it on their website.*|*Inland (02460)
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    Is an Ipad screen protector a good buy? Would you recommend it?

    If you want no extra thickness, then get a screen protector. My wife sometimes puts her's in her purse. Not much different then a pocket in that regard.
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    No usb ports in ipad

    At extra cost of-course, and it still won't do everything you want it to do.
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    Steve Jobs For President

    I would not vote for Steve. He would lock us down like he does our iDevices ;) Everything it to proprietary for my likes to give him a vote. America is about choice/freedom, or at-least it was at one time. Gah.... I hope this does not turn into a political debate thread... Next up, Religion!
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    Wife strikes........

    I did not ask for parenting advice. BTW, who teaches their kid's to destroy expensive stuff? I think it's common knowledge that you would tell your kid's to be careful, but does that always happen? Of-course you could always have the most well behaved (and careful!) children on the face of the...
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    Wife strikes........

    I don't know if I would trust my kid's with 1 iPad. It would be destroyed in a month's time, then that's $600 down the drain.
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    iPad vs Archos 9

    Sorry, I called the drivers by the wrong name. The native drivers I was speaking of, are actually the beta drivers, which do not perform as well as the non beta drivers, which happen to be the drivers others use for XP. I found a easy way to turn the monitor off, via a shortcut. Works great...
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    iPad vs Archos 9

    Thank's for the head's up. I did find a nice Pandora gadget, but never really thought about a volume one.
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    iPad vs Archos 9

    I have had the Archos 9 for a day now. First thing I did was wipe it. Windows 7 starter is useless. Installed Windows 7 Ultimate (tweaked it quiet a bit), and a heavily tweaked version of XP SP3 (microxp if you have ever tried it). Both run very well, even without a SSD. It's no iPad, but it was...
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    iPad vs Archos 9

    Seadog, I never said anything terrible about the iPad. So don't go saying I am bad mouthing it, when that is not true. Does it have short comings IMO? Yes, but that does not mean I do not like my iPad. It just does not for-fill all of my needs.Take it as constructive criticism if anything...
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    iPad vs Archos 9

    Many of the reasons it gets bad reviews, is because people do not know how to use a tablet that is running a full blown OS. You can not treat it like a desktop. The Archos 9 has 1GB memory, so with that in mind, you would need to limit how many apps you are running at once. I will be the first...
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    iPad vs Archos 9

    Clearly Apple has created the perfect device for "you". But do not expect everyone else to feel that way. Some of us want a actual usb port (sorry camera kit), flash (html5 is nice for video), widescreen, mkv, avi, 1080p, hdmi out, save files from the browser, a open environment, etc... There is...
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    iPad vs Archos 9

    I am not arguing the Archos 9 is a better option. I am arguing its a different option (better is the opinion of it's user), for those who do not want to be so locked down, and still have a small tablet. HDMI 1080P FLASH Any Video Format (any codec that supports hardware rendering) USB Port...
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    iPad vs Archos 9

    Who said I would use Windows? I like options. Sometimes those options are not Apple (or Microsoft). If that makes them inferior in your eyes then so be it. But, it's all a matter of opinion. I still like Apple products, and some of the competitions products.
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    iPad vs Archos 9

    A 32GB iPad Wifi will run you $600 before tax. If buying the Archos 9 from Amazon, it will run $540 (amazon does not charge tax). If you choose to invest in a SSD which is optional, you will spend between $100-200 or more depending on your needs. Here is a 32GB SSD for $120. Now I have not fully...
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    Why 4:3? Why not wide-screen?

    I did not say all, some. I think even you can admit that. That is of-course, unless you are one of them, but I am keeping a open mind ;) IMO, it just a little "off" to see 4:3 screens in a HD area (imagine a netbook with a 4:3 being released now), and then justify it with some of the reasons I...
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    Why 4:3? Why not wide-screen?

    I replied in that thread, maybe you need to re-read it. First time buyer or not, that does not stop some from defending their purchase to the death ;) Look at the Archos 9. It has a widescreen aspect, and does not look to long to me. Looks pretty good actually. But as always, opinions vary...
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    iPad vs Archos 9

    My research shows between $150-200 USD for one that will do the job, and provide a very nice performance boost. Sure you could spend ungodly amounts of $$$ on a SSD but that is unrealistic, when you do not need to. This person spent roughly $170 (can be had cheaper now) and got a great...
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    iPad vs Archos 9

    I found this on Engadget. Looks like someone got it up and running, but there is still work to be done before it's ideal. Does look promising. Chromium OS lands on the Archos 9, doesn't do much -- Engadget
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    iPad vs Archos 9

    It does come with a stylus, not sure why he is not using it. The HDD can be upgraded from my understanding. Most likely it is using a old 60GB 5400 RPM 2.5inch HDD, which is why the loading is a little slow. Like he says, if you throw a relatively cheap SSD drive in, things would load much...
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    iPad vs Archos 9

    Looks like its doing pretty well in this video. 720p and 1080p. YouTube - Archos 9 Video Playback and Web Browsing
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    iPad vs Archos 9

    I am confused by the comment below. Doesn't the ARCHOS support 1080P playback?
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    SBSetitings 3.0.9-11, icons still messed up after rebooting.

    Well SBSetting's is a app, just not one available on the APPSTORE, so I thought I try it here.
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    iPad vs Archos 9

    I think the device would be fun toy to have around, and that is all fanboyism aside. I prob throw a lite linux distro on it, for faster speed.
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    SIM card: Where is it located?

    If your Home button is at the bottom, then it would be on the left side. You will see a little hole.
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    t-Mobile prepaid and iPad

    What is not to understand? It's $10 for unlimited edge via t-zones. That's $20 cheaper. Might be a good alternative for people who do not need 3G or are in a area that can't get 3G.
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    iPad and Wiimote

    Must be possible, as the person in this vid is using a wiimote. YouTube - [iPad-Jailbreak] snes4iphone / Wiimote
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    What Do You Sync With (Mac or PC)?

    Yes, it has to be something you are doing wrong. I sync just fine on Windows 7 x64, with no problems with my Apps.
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    Just found this site

    Welcome. Hope you both enjoy your new iPads. Great community here.
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    t-Mobile prepaid and iPad

    This is a valid question. Is there a pre-paid out there that allows unlimited edge on t-mobile, with the t-zones $9.99 plan? I know it can be had with some normal t-mobile phones, but I am unsure about their pre-paids.
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    Ipad 3G / WiFi Help

    Did you try rebooting your router/modem? Might be a problem on it's end, with the DHCP renewing when the iPad trys to reconnect.
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    SBSetitings 3.0.9-11, icons still messed up after rebooting.

    The change-log from SBSettings says this has been fixed, but I am still experiencing the screwed up icons after reboot. A re-spring fixes it, but then I have to re-organize all my icons, which is not fun if you have a few pages worth. Anyone else experiencing the same problem?
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    Using your iPad while in the sun.

    Maybe Glare sunglasses are worth a shot also.
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    Apple Store 3G Reservation Policy

    I gave up. Looked online at One of the stores near me had some 16GB 3G's.I called them and they confirmed they had a few. Still had some when I got there. Got home and canceled my order, as it was still showing as "not shipped". So no more waiting for me :)
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    Apple Store 3G Reservation Policy

    Still waiting for my information on to be updated. Still not shipped, even though I am relatively a few orders numbers from yours (1hour apart). Hopefully I get a tracking number today, as its slated for delivery 11th-15th, same as yours. May 1, 2010 at 03:17 PM PDT - Order...
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    Obama: Too Much Information Bad - Can't Work an iPad

    O gesh. Can a MOD please lock this? With cherries on top!
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    Do I need the iPad 3G?

    Jailbreak the iPad and run "mywi" on the 3G, maybe?
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    Adobe Replies to Steve Jobs’ “Thoughts on Flashâ€

    The iPad has a Youtube APP and it is also integrated in the OS so it can be used when a web browser calls on it. So yes, flash it not supported but YouTube is.
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    iPad vs HP Slate

    The economy is no longer a excuse when it comes to electronics. They are all up across the board. Need some proof? Looks at this link. Shocker: CEA's spending report finds Americans buying more technology -- Engadget
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    Sync And Charge On A PC?

    I charge and sync just fine on my windows pc. To charge, my iPad's screen needs to be off. Will not charge if it is on.