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    How to transfer over to a new computer and a new iPad?

    So I should download iTunes on the new computer first? Then sync with my old iPad before setting up my new iPad?
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    How to transfer over to a new computer and a new iPad?

    I recently bought a new computer (windows 7 os) and a new ipad3. I need to transfer my iTunes to the new computer and transfer everything from my old iPad to the new one. What's the best process and order for doing these two things?
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    Instructions for upgrading to 4.3?

    Are there intructions somewhere telling how to go about upgrading my software version?
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    Who wants their screen rotation button back?

    Thanks for the explanation. I still think that I'd rather have the orientation lock the way it was and would like to have the button customizable with a couple of different options. FWIW
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    Dropping WiFi

    I don't lose my connection often while using my ipad but whenever I power the ipad down and then restart it, the wifi doesn't automatically reconnect. I have to turn wifi off, thurn it back on and then choose my connection to get it going. This only started happening after the software upgrade.
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    Who wants their screen rotation button back?

    Wow, what a great response! You're right, I didn't read all 300+ posts before mine, so I may have missed something. Sorry if my post irritated the two of you (get a life). But just to make it clear I was only stating my opinion about the button. I wasn't asking either of you to offer an...
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    Microfiber cleaning cloth?

    Dollar Store I purchased one from the Dollar Store that is the size of the iPad screen and it works great.
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    Stream from iPad to tv

    Can you explain that to me? What I'm saying is that the airplay icon doesn't show up on my iPad anywhere. Will the second generation apple tv work with my iPad if I can't seem tobturn airplay at all?
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    Who wants their screen rotation button back?

    Mute button is useless Why even have a mute button that's right above the volume switch? It's much easier to just hold the volume switch down then to use the mute button. I think we should have the ability to program the button for what we want it to do
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    Stream from iPad to tv

    I updated my iPad software last month, but I do not see the airplay icon/ button on video play back nor on my photos! Is there something I need to do to activate it?
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    ABC App thinks Im out of the country

    I've used the ABC App a number of times without any issues, but all of a sudden I get an error message saying Im out of the country ( of course Im not).I've tried deleting and reloading the program, but it still does the same thing. Anyone have a way to fix?
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    iPad owners average age

    Generally speaking, I find that regardless of the number, the average age of any given iPad owner gets older every day ;)
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    What is your ipads name?

    I just call it "mine" :)
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    Where to find iPad camera connector?

    I am looking for the iPad camera connector. I ordered one from the Apple store but they say it won't ship for over a month and I'd really like to get it sooner. Does anybody know where I can get one now?
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    What's the Best Free App you've downloaded?

    You can do this with iBooks also, you just have to change the whole iPad setting to White on Black . You can even set up a triple click on home button to go to white on black. Look under Settings/General/Accessibility
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    netflix update

    I agree I too am disappointed with the selection in streamable recent movies
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    Watch abc app and netflix app outside the US (Mexico)

    I'd like to know also seeing that I'll be vacationing out of the country later this year. I'd like to able to watch ABC app while on vacation.
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    Disappointed with netflix streaming selection

    Well they do have a New Release section but they do not have very many movies that "just came out on DVD" Take a look at the DVD section and then the streaming section and you will see what I mean. Maybe my expectations are too high, but Netflix doesn't meet them so i'll probably be cancelling
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    Disappointed with netflix streaming selection

    I agree with Superbike81 I'd like to see "new DVD release" movies available (or even relatively new to DVD). If I have get a DVD to see the newer stuff, it kind of negates using the iPad, besides then I'd rather just rent from Redbox
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    Disappointed with netflix streaming selection

    Not really an iPad issue but I am disappointed in the selection of movies available for streaming. I signed up for netflix just to stream movies and tv shows on my iPad, but I find mostly older movies and tv shows. Is anyone else disappointed in the selection?
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    Deleting Pictures

    Won't work with photos synced through iTunes After reading the online help about photos, it states for deleting photos that were synced through iTunes, you need to delete them from the iTunes folder and then re-sync. That's probably why it won't work for me (and for KGB)
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    Deleting Pictures

    Still doesn't work I tried your directions, but like KGB, nothing happens when I push on the red delete button. I'm not sure why. Also, I do not have a "saved photos" tab, only an "albums" tab and a "photos" tab. Do you have three tabs on top or only two?
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    Deleting Pictures

    No option to delete On the photos I copied from my pc, I only have the option to copy or email, no delete option
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    Airport Security - Take it Out or Leave it In (that's what she said)

    Just this morning (OK yesterday -Saturday morning), I was asked to remove my ipad for xray at security. I was told i could leave it in the sleeve, but it had to come out of the coputer bag.
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    Anyone rent movies from itunes?

    I was looking at renting a few movies for an upcoming trip (so the kids have something to watch). When I look at the restrictions on the rentals i dont think I'll be renting from itunes. You can keep a movie for up to 30 days before watching but can only watch it in a 24 hr period? That's not...
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    CNET: Real world iPad annoyances -what do you think?

    Thats too bad for your friend. I on the other hand love my Android which also allows me to wirelessly tether the ipad giving me 3g without having to buy the 3g version and also without paying additional for 3g access. But I was going to say one of the things I'd like to see is easier switching...
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    What iPad model will you buy?

    that depends... Certain Android phones can wirelessly tether to your ipad giving you 3g or 4g (depending on the phone and the area) without buying the wifi plus3g version.
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    iPad Tethering

    Works on my Hero I had no problems doing that with my Sprint HTC Hero, should work fine on the Droid. You do have to be rooted though
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    What type of phone do you use?

    Love Android I use Sprint and have a HTC Hero. I run wireless tethering with my ipad:D I plan on switching to the EVO 4G when it comes out this summer.
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    iPad Case Reviews

    Seidio Good But... I can vouch for Seidio. I've bought things from them before and never have had an issue. But I can not recommend their Premium Skin Silicon Case. I bought one and received it in just two days (it helps that I live in Houston). I do like the fact that the case has a cut...
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    Charging from computer?

    I thought the ipad would charge when plugged into a computer via the usb cable, but mine does not. In fact it says "not charging" Is this normal? Do I need to always use the plug that came with it to charge?
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    iPod on iPad - video/movies not showing up!

    Also if you look under "songs' in your ipad ipod app you'll see an icon shaped like a tv screen next to the videos although other than that they look like regular songs
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    What size should I get? 16GB, 32 GB, 64GB

    Airstash looks good. Do you know if it can read files directly from a portable hard drive and stream them via wifi or do you have to load the files from the portable to an SD card in the airstash first?
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    Day 1 first impressions

    Just thinking about watching netflix at home, wouldn't it be better to just watch it on your TV?
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    Plan on getting a Zagg Invisibleshield for your iPad?

    hmmm I'm kind of torn on this. I was thinking of getting a screen protector for the front and a gel case. I have a Zagg on my phone and it was a bit of a hassle getting it aligned perfectly. Also it gives the surface a slight orange peel looking texture (obvioulsy not color though) I've had...
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    How to tell your wife you bought an iPad

    NO, because then she'd think it was for her