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  1. Daylife

    caseen iPadForums Welcome + Introduces iPad 3rd Gen Case Lineup + Free Case GIVEAWAY

    I definitleyn like the Dark-Brown-Plaid-Smart-Case-Cover, it's elegant and simple. It doesn't add much bulk to this iPad and it would look great on my iPad in class :) the black stylus looks amazing also.
  2. Daylife

    16gb or 32gb

    That's a pretty crazy gift for a 7 yr old lmao.....but I say go 32gb, I personally have a 64gb because I edit videos on mine.
  3. Daylife

    Warranty options?

    I would go with AppleCare. But I personally think warranty on an iPad is a waste : / but that's just me.
  4. Daylife

    Avid Studio for new ipad

    Hello, I'm anyone is interested in Avid studio for the iPad i made a video reviewing the app. Take a look, thank you!!
  5. Daylife

    Why is iPad 3 behind in specs?

    No other monitor has the resolution that the new iPad has, 1 Gig of RAM, quad graphics, dual CPU.... Best Apps in the world.... Smoothest OS. What more do you want? A flying unicorn? Lmao
  6. Daylife

    Screen protector or no?

    Yeah, I think the back needs to be protected WAY more then the screen... Putting it on a desk can leave a permanent scratch.
  7. Daylife

    SD card use

    The iPad camera connection Kit, can be used to transfer photos and movies or videos to your iPad, either from your iPhone 4S straight to the iPad or DSLR camera to the iPad I personally think the camera connection kit is the best thing you can use.
  8. Daylife

    Wireless Keyboard Help!

    You should check out the new Logitech Ultrathin keyboard, best keyboard for the iPad right now.
  9. Daylife

    The iCade.

    I was wondering if anyone on the forums had an iCade that they use on the new iPad. I have been doing some research on it and it looks like a pretty cool add on, I just want some insight from someone that actually has one.
  10. Daylife

    New ipad!!!

    Welcome :) Congrats on your purchase.
  11. Daylife

    Should i buy the new ipad3 ?

    My iPad camera connection kit works wonders :)
  12. Daylife

    Acessing school website

    They run of flash so it won't work : /
  13. Daylife

    Screen protector or no?

    I hate screen protectors and the otterbox case. It makes it bulky. The iPad is meant to be held without a case. Just take care of it, but a back shell piece and a smart cover....
  14. Daylife

    New iPad while waiting for 2012 iMac/MBP?

    Good point. I'll make sure to show him what you wrote lol. Thanks.
  15. Daylife

    How do websites know that I have an iPad?

    It gets recognized as a mobile device. Same thing with an iPhone. You can ways just switch to desktop mode.
  16. Daylife

    New iPad while waiting for 2012 iMac/MBP?

    Hey guys, I have a fried that has no computer right now except his iPhone 4s. He asked me if he should buy a new iPad while he waits for the new ivy bridge iMacs/MBP which ever comes first. Would an iPad be a good alternative?
  17. Daylife

    youtube search by date

    Go to and on the mobile site you can set it up by date. But if you try from the app : /
  18. Daylife

    We need a bluetooth controller.

    Apple just needs to design a controller, Then the iPad would be a true gaming device :)
  19. Daylife

    We need a bluetooth controller.

    That looks great, but two analog sticks are needed.
  20. Daylife

    We need a bluetooth controller.

    I've seen that, you need a jailbroken device, and it looks pretty cheap.
  21. Daylife

    We need a bluetooth controller.

    Gaming controller for the new iPad would be amazing, imagine the possibilities.... Please Apple, or someone design one!
  22. Daylife

    3 Dead Pixels : /

    It's pretty much a little tiny dot on the screen that does my go away.... You can either them them with an all black screen or all white.
  23. Daylife

    3 Dead Pixels : /

    I would post a pic, but they are sooooo small...
  24. Daylife

    3 Dead Pixels : /

    I'll be taking it back tomorrow.... I really don't want to though lol. I find it dumb that it's just 3 tiny dots but now that I found them I can't stop Staring at them lol.
  25. Daylife

    3 Dead Pixels : /

    Well I just realized that my new iPad has 3 dead is black and the other two seem to be green. ....blah
  26. Daylife

    Loving my Ipad, but.......

    Well you can either go with a Honda or a BMW...... They both have 4 wheels and you can drive them lol.
  27. Daylife

    What kind of speeds with LTE?

  28. Daylife

    What kind of speeds with LTE?

    Lol AT&T doesn't have true LTE yet....they are running HSPA+ lol which is 3G on steroids.
  29. Daylife

    New Ipad still hard to find

    Apple has learned a lot from recent years.....they made sure to have plenty of iPads for everyone.
  30. Daylife

    What kind of speeds with LTE?

    AT&T isn't running LTE
  31. Daylife

    What kind of speeds with LTE?

    Actually that is great lol......
  32. Daylife

    New iPad 3 4G Won't Play HD YouTube Video's!

    I feel like people are trying to find issues with the new iPad lol
  33. Daylife

    New ipad battery depletion while plugged in

    It's like someone buying a BMW M3 and complaining that the MPG is 13.... But they drive it like they stole it -_-
  34. Daylife

    IPAD 4 What do you want ?

    Go Flex Satellite hard drive.... Problem solved :)
  35. Daylife

    IPAD 4 What do you want ?

    Lol exactly....
  36. Daylife

    IPAD 4 What do you want ?

    Freedom from iTunes will never happen...... That is the dumbest thing that I have ever heard..... Go buy an android if you want "Freedom" lol.... iTunes = Money for Apple. iTunes works great and so does the App store.
  37. Daylife

    IPAD 4 What do you want ?

    Part of a business and marketing is to release things little by little.... That's what keeps the consumer wanting more. Apple has perfected this. I'm sure they could of made an iPad with a 16 MP camera, quad core CPU/GPU.... Etc but they are not because they don't need to.
  38. Daylife

    Yellow tint...still returnable?

    They will exchange it for the same exact one.
  39. Daylife

    PC WORLD: New ipad does not match old ipad on battery

    That is extremely misleading lmfao....... Fail
  40. Daylife

    So I'm returning my iPad 3...

    Lol..... Again and again.