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  1. Max

    Hi from Sweden

    Jeep...född i Stockholm! Har bott i USA sen 97..
  2. Max

    Awaiting iPad2 in Nashville

    Welcome from San Francisco!
  3. Max

    Hi from Sweden

    Välkommen till forumet! Läs reglerna innan du skriver nya posts och har du några frågor så är det bara att skicka ett privat meddelande eller använd sök funktionen! Var i Sverige bor du? Welcome to iPad forums! Read the rules section before you post and if theres any questions just pm...
  4. Max

    picked up xoom to compare with my ipad 2.....Fail!

    Welcome to! There's about 57000 people attending this fan party and we're loving it! good luck!
  5. Max

    Apple Alert - New Product Launch this week?

    It's gonna rain all week, do I really need to camp out by Stockton street again? Damn it!
  6. Max

    Please read the forum rules regarding religion...

    Please read the forum rules regarding religion.
  7. Max

    Can't update apps nor purchase new apps

    Change the password back to the old one comes to mind first. Secondary, on the iPad log out from the AppStore and log back on, do the same thing on iTunes and sync your iPad... Let me know how it works out! :)
  8. Max

    Move Photos from Mac to IPad

    I use picasa web albums for all my photo transfers. I have it installed on both my iPhone, iPad and in iPhoto on my Mac. Upload on one, download on another! Either which way!
  9. Max

    Newbie from orange County!

    Welcome to the forum apple junkie! Remember to check out the forum rules and search before you post any questions! :) Forum rules here! And as a fellow Cali member I would like to invite you to iPadforums first annual BBQ in San Francisco in 2 weeks. iPad Forums 2011 San Francisco BBQ Yay! :)
  10. Max

    Can anyone Skype with video on the iPad2?

    Your friends need to be online and have their CAM turned on..... :)
  11. Max

    Well.. My screen got cracked today

    What a horror story....brrrrrr! I just don't pick mine up...ever.
  12. Max

    iPad stolen/recovered

    Download and install itunes from Plug in your iPad Click it in the left hand column in iTunes and click Restore. Also see apples support here Apple support - restore
  13. Max

    no sound with speakers, only earphones

    Had the same problem and found out the volume setting in the multitasking bar (all the way to the left) was turned down.
  14. Max

    New Yorkers: Where can i buy ipad 2 cases besides major chain electronics retailers?

    I would be damned if you couldn't find a vendor on Canal street. Those guys have it all. Even if I used to hate to go down there and wrestle my way through the masses I always found what I was looking for.
  15. Max

    My iPad loses it's touch!

    Hi chammy and welcome to the forum! Take a minute and read the forum rules before you post, that way we don't have to delete double posts! :) Forum Rules link here Regarding your touchscreen, some apps I've noticed have a slow response time when touching controls. How does it work on...
  16. Max

    Congratulations Sweetpoison!

  17. Max

    First iPad forums 2011 San Francisco BBQ

    On the 21st of May, around 4pm, you're all invited to join moderators Max and Sweetpoison for an afternoon of hamburgers, dogs and drinks on the patio of Naps 3 bar in San Francisco's Mission District. Later on in the evening the bar offers karaoke for the ones that feel inclined to sing a...
  18. Max

    What future iPad color would you like to see Apple make?

    We all know Jony Ive is color blind.....won't happen! Lol
  19. Max

    It's a wiggle!

  20. Max

    Post your Pet

    My little family of cats Since Dag (my dog) passed last month I'm left with these little fur balls, Neko, Butters and Pugsley. Neko (black) and Butters do their thing. Butters found his spot. ..and he's very functional as an iPad stand. Pugsley tears up my plants and falls...
  21. Max

    Puffin Browser - anyone tried this?

    My two cents. It stinks. Just downloaded it. Sure it plays flash, but you can't interact with the flash player, no smooth scrolling, and fast...not so much. There's better browsers out there, Im gonna stick with Terra and skyfire (usually when I go to imdb) But I'm glad everybody else has...
  22. Max

    How did IPF start?

    How about slightly over 300? :)
  23. Max

    How did IPF start?

    Wait...what? you guys don't get paid? (Just kidding around folks!)
  24. Max

    iPad to iMac

    I'm a little confused, are you asking if the app files on your PC can be transferred to you Mac? Yes, they can. Here's support on apples website. apple support, transfer from pc to Mac Or the simplest way is to just backup you iTunes folder to a flash drive and import music, movies and the...
  25. Max

    So how much did everyone else spend on their ipad accesories

    The iPad...priceless. For everything else there's MasterCard. Ok, I'll be serious! Smart cover 44 bucks, and later a leather folio cover for 15 dollars.
  26. Max

    Photo albums on iPad

    Photo sort rocks. I just wish there was a way to have the iPad camera save video and stills (even if the still camera on the iPad is way below in quality) straight to photo sort.
  27. Max

    Sync iPad 2 before upgrade iOS

    Nothing should be removed from your iPad during an upgrade. The backup up is only for...well, backup reasons just in case something would go wrong. Free apps from the iTunes store should still be there.
  28. Max

    How to include pictures in a post (using imageshack)

    Choose the wallpaper you like from the thumbnails and let it load so you get the bigger version of it. Tap and hold on picture, a popup should ask if you wanna save picture or copy it, tap Save image. It's now saved to your camera roll. Go into camera roll and tap the little square with an...
  29. Max

    Name a Pet Peeve!

    Hmmm.....flip the package maybe? :)
  30. Max

    help?! anyone??

    Sure, what's your question? And welcome to iPad forums!
  31. Max

    First Ipad forums 2011 San Francisco BBQ w/ Max and Sweetpoison.

    On the 21st of May, around 4pm, you're all invited to join moderators Max and Sweetpoison for an afternoon of hamburgers, dogs and drinks on the patio of Naps 3 bar in San Francisco's Mission District. Later on in the evening the bar offers karaoke for the ones that feel inclined to sing a...
  32. Max

    Ipad 2 cases

    Wow, it's pretty much the same as mine. I like the curved cutout for the front camera better than mine though.
  33. Max

    My dog passed today....

    I walked by our park the other day and stopped for a while to reminisce. He loved that park........ It's gonna be a bit longer before I can go back there.
  34. Max

    my blog at ME

    That's one smoking pony! Beautiful! And congrats on getting picked!
  35. Max

    Friday Night Bar Thread!

    I hope so, she went offline a little after this pic was taken..
  36. Max

    Friday Night Bar Thread!

    At Naps in San Francisco, chatting with Marie (sweet poison).
  37. Max

    Flash games on iPad?

    Flash games doesn't work on any iPad browser so far. Skyfire browser plays flash videos, buts that's all I know of. Note to all older members regarding this subject, BE NICE!
  38. Max

    Ipad 2 cases

    REVIEW: Black Leather folio case Picked up this really cool folio case on craigslist today for 15 bucks. It's way less on the wholesale (china probably) website, like 6 bucks. Anyhow, it's a damn cool folio case. Everything fits, buttons are accessible, and cameras likewise. It has two...
  39. Max

    Name a Pet Peeve!

    Sometimes they won't even unlock the door until they decided if they wanna take ya...
  40. Max

    Name a Pet Peeve!

    You sure know how to dish it out.....