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    7.1 update

    Upgraded my ipad 4 to 7.1 and it all works good. I haven't found any problems yet.
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    Memory check

    System Status app works great. It can also release memory.
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    Flash drive

    Yes, you can use Drop Box for that.
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    Outlook email sync

    IMHO, to be able to mark as read, delete and so on from your iphone to your email on Outlook it needs to be IMAP not POP3. I had a POP and started a Gmail IMAP and now i have full control over my email on Outlook. As far as the calandar goes I'm in the cloud so I'm sync'd everywhere.
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    IOS 5.1 Update HOLLA!!!!!

    No problems with OTA update. I had the Safari crash problem before and since I have not had one crash. I sure like being able to delete photos in PhotoStream.
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    Ipad 1 shutting down

    Safari has a program bug, we need an update with a fix.
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    I have the same problem, it's in the OS. Started as soon as I downloaded 5. We need 5.1 to fix these problems.
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    Ipad memory issues

    Where do you see the 27% at?
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    Problem with my ipad ram.

    leelai, thanks for that info.
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    Itunes upgrade today problems

    Mine didn't see the iPad, so I just plugged it up to sync.
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    Icloud question regarding delete of photo stream

    You can log on to your iCloud page and click on your name and select to delete photo stream pics. You can also turn off photo stream on your iPhone and it will give you a delete selection, I'm not sure about the iPad.
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    Folders for pages?

    Colossalgirl, thanks for that info.
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    Can the iPad be connected to a TV?

    I think it's called Apple TV.
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    Drop Box and Excel Files

    You are behind, download the iCloud control panel for PC on you computer, turn on iCloud on the iPad. At the end of your work session just upload to iCloud and it will be on your iPad. Finish work on the iPad and when you get to work just log in the iCloud on the web and download your doc...
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    Goodreader a iCloud working?

    skaro, thanks for that info, I just got the cloud working with Goodreader because of your post, thanks!
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    I can't get my head round this idea.

    I think that I read somewhere you could use the camera connection kit to do tat.
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    IPad 1 - iOS 5 - Safari Crashing

    After posting on this thread I restarted the ipad. I didn't spend much time on it after that, maybe tonight I will get a better feel if it helped.
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    IPad 1 - iOS 5 - Safari Crashing

    Mine crashes all of the time, no problems till iOS 5.
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    Close All Programs

    Double click the home button then tap and hold a app at the bottom of the screen till the minus sign appears then tap the minus sign on ever app. You can not close safari.
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    Closing all multitasking apps

    Good answer
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    IOS 5.1photos editing new

    I don't see the edit function on my iPad 1 with 5.0.1.
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    What is 5.0.1?

    I downloaded 5.0.1, what does it give us and what does it fix on ipad1?
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    ICloud/IPad issue

    Go to iTunes and click on your account and there you can change your info. It takes some effort to change your ID, your password is somewhat easier.
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    Extra storage - travelling - what to do with photos?

    Everything has its limit, buy an Airbook.
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    How to save a Pages doc to icloud from Macbook?

    You don't have to go thru all of that. If you have the iCloud control panel installed on your computer just click on the little gear in the top right hand corner and click on upload doc and presto it's in the cloud on all of your I devices.
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    Moving contacts into ipad

    If your contacts are on your PC in Outlook you can get the iPhone and start iCloud install iTunes and you'll be set.
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    using "ESC" when browsing internet with IPAD

    And if that doesn't work double click the home button and close Safari.
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    XPS Documents

    Thanks, I'll stay with PDF.
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    XPS Documents

    What's a XPS doc?
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    Camera Roll

    Aren't those old answers? Now any photo you take goes to the camera roll and photo stream. Your iCloud account will sync that pic with all of your I devices and your PC. I've just now got everything working on photo stream and it's cool.
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    Go to settings and turn it on.
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    Calendar. Help.

    That's how mine looks. Go to settings
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    Beware of iPad hand

    I have iPad shoulder, I'm not kidding it's real.
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    Backing up to iCloud - Data?

    I'm not sure about your question, but my Numbers & Pages on both my iPad & iPhone back up to iCloud with no problems and I didn't do anything extra to make that happen.
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    iCloud Password Problem

    I get to work this morning and when I open up my Outlook which is sync'd to iCloud I get this box popping up. I go to iCloud and attemp to log in and I get this box again. Anyone any any ideas why this is happening?
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    Finding a stolen apple product

    I did it with out a mobile me account. I just use my apple ID.
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    I want my iPad back!

    That's one good reason to have iCloud. And when I went there I would be wearing my tee shirt that says "Body piercing by 1911".
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    Privacy on iPad

    Try the app Stash. It is a surfable folder that keeps everything private.
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    iPhone and iPad-best practices

    I would use iCloud for your contacts. That way it will always be up to date on everything.