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  1. keroro1979

    Order 2 x iPad and order got canceled

    Why is he being selfiesh? They arent both for him. Limiting it to 1 per household seems a bit of a silly idea.
  2. keroro1979

    Top 10 iPad Games

    The best "match 3" game I've played so far is piyo blocks 2. The iPad version is harder than the touch/iPhone version - rather than having the same amount of blocks on screen as the touch version, it has a he'll of a lot more - so if you aren't used to this type of game, I'd recommend the touch...
  3. keroro1979

    Apple is working on the iPad Mini ?

    There have been reports of this from different sources. True or not, one of the selling points for me was the large screen. If I'd wanted a smaller device, I would have gone for the Dell Streak. Either way, I'm happy with my iPad, and will be so for the forseeable future. I see no point...
  4. keroro1979

    Can't download adobe flash player to ipad

    Thanks. At least your second post made sense I suppose. :p
  5. keroro1979

    We Rule Friends Needed

    Keroro1979 :)
  6. keroro1979

    I need God Finger friends

    I'm on now and then. Add me! Keroro1979
  7. keroro1979

    My iPad is dying...

    I found mine lasts a lot longer since I un jail broke it :)
  8. keroro1979

    My iPad is dying...

    lol, I start getting the sweats when it hits 50%! I think the lowest it has hit was 43%, and then it was bed time anyway. Does this thing EVER run out of juice?
  9. keroro1979

    I want a new fun exciting App!

    Piyo Blocks 2 is the BEST match-3 type game out there, and the colours on the ipad just light up the screen. Try the lite version. Although the full version is pretty cheap anyway. Also Peggle (iphone version - doesnt look too bad when scaled) is a great time waster.
  10. keroro1979

    I was sitting at the car dealership waiting for my car to be serviced.

    Speak for yourself mate. Some of us aren't socially inept you know. Geek chic and all that.
  11. keroro1979

    Can't download adobe flash player to ipad

    On another note, I hate my Nintendo DS, it wont play my PSP games :(
  12. keroro1979

    Can't download adobe flash player to ipad

    I'm not saying flash is bad. I'm not saying it was a great idea omitting it. I'm saying it's stupid to spend so much on a product without knowing what it can and can't do. And if you knew it couldn't do flash, then why whine about it?
  13. keroro1979

    Cardboard arcade machines are doublemild weaksauce...

    Wow. Excellent. Wish I was even remotelycapable of such a feat. I think I would skip the projector, but other than that, it's pretty much perfect. The thought of playing Zelda lttp, super Mario world, street fighter 2 etc on at......
  14. keroro1979

    From Chester in the UK

    Chester is great. We always used to visit when we stayed at my nans caravan in Corwen (Wales). Happy memories!
  15. keroro1979

    Can't download adobe flash player to ipad

    Research is your friend when making high value purchases, people.
  16. keroro1979

    iPad Wallpaper Request

    This is probably a very long shot, but could anyone rustle up a wallpaper of the jsdf (japan self defense force) navy flag, but with either bomber man or pacman (the packman with arms and legs, but no nose - if that makes any sense lol)? Would be very much appreciated :)
  17. keroro1979

    Really stupid question but need answer

    Or you can tether it to certain phones - jail broken iPhones, certain droid phones, some s60 phones also.
  18. keroro1979

    Who bought an iPhone 4 on 24 June?

    Unfortunately, I couldn't afford the 4 :( Although, I have just picked up a 3GS at a greatly reduced rate (£25 per month, 5000 texts, 500 net minutes, 5000 same net minutes, 1gb data) - and didn't have to pay anything for the phone either.
  19. keroro1979

    Site which monitors app store bargains?

    Awesome, thanks :)
  20. keroro1979

    Site which monitors app store bargains?

    Hey guys, apologies if this has been mentioned before - are there any decent sites which track the prices of apps on the app store? Getting kinda miffed at buying something only to see it on sale a few days later lol Many thanks:)
  21. keroro1979

    iPhone to iPad Tethering a No Go

    You need to jailbreak the iPhone. I think the app you need after that is mywi?
  22. keroro1979

    NOVA - fps. Good game so far

    Nope, there should be a continue game option on the main menu. Maybe try reinstalling it? I have the iPod version which I use on the iPad, and the graphics are still pretty good. I never spent much time on it because it was too awkward to control, but it's so much better on the iPad. It...
  23. keroro1979

    Top 10 iPad Games

    Warpgate HD is awesome. Although I think the potential is there to improve it immensely by adding some sort of multiplayer, even if it's just for trading, sort of n eve online lite. Other than that, pinball HD is great. I already had plants vs zombies, angry birds, peggle, and bejewelled on...
  24. keroro1979

    iPad and Wiimote

    Mame with classic controller support would be awesome. Think of all the beat em ups!!! King of fighters on iPad, with the wii fight stick = drooooool
  25. keroro1979

    Cardboard arcade machines are doublemild weaksauce...

    Is the Wii fightstick wireless?
  26. keroro1979

    Jailbreaking iPad and iTunes 9.2 options?

    My iPad is jail broken, and I'm using iTunes 9.2. Haven't had any issues so far, apart from the constant, but slight, battery drain. Although to be honest the only reason I did it was to use snes4iphone. Which I found to be a bit of a letdown considering you can't reassign the wii remote...
  27. keroro1979

    Mandy bought an iPad

    My iPad is going on holiday to oz soon:)
  28. keroro1979

    Pocket God and iPad - A Match Written in the Stars

    Have to agree - I was really disappointed with it. It really isn't a game. Godfinger is much better (although I do wonder who came up with the name).
  29. keroro1979

    iPad Touch Screen Settings...

    That's what I thought too. Has nothing to do with apple bias - other than the iPad and touch, I've only ever had one apple product (an iBook about 6 years ago), the rest have been pc's. I enjoy games too much to go full on Mac. Plies I couldn't afford it lol
  30. keroro1979

    Official iPad Owners List

    Well it would have been nice - rang Three this morning as I hadnt received a confirmation email that my Hero had been dispatched, and they told me they are still waiting for stock. Just damn glad I rang, otherwise I would have sat there until lunch and made myself late for work lol
  31. keroro1979

    i have a problem with people who tell you that the ipad is not a computer

    I took it to work today for the first time. My mate asked to see it (I havent stopped talking about it since I ordered it), and although at first he couldnt see the point, he is a huge movie fan and he loves it now just for the movie side of things. My other colleagues didnt seem to get it...
  32. keroro1979

    Cardboard arcade machines are doublemild weaksauce...

    I would buy one of these in a flash. Even a friend at work, who has no interest in the iPad, would buy one if he could turn it into a mini arcade :)
  33. keroro1979

    i have a problem with people who tell you that the ipad is not a computer

    With a casual "meh" thrown at him at the same time :)
  34. keroro1979


    My wife and I have used three for the past six years. The reception in most places has been great - we live in a village and it's the only carrier whose signal doesn't drop out in our house. Have had problems with their customer service, but then I think most telecom companies suffer in this...
  35. keroro1979

    2 million iPads in July

    Crap, that's a lot of ipads. I had feeling they would sell a lot, but what, it's over 3 million already? And still very high in demand. Wow.
  36. keroro1979

    iPad Dock

    Good god that keyboard is awesome! Is that the apple bluetooth keyboard?
  37. keroro1979

    iPad Dock

    I saw a small desktop easel in our local craft stroe, which looks ideal for the ipad (the bottom has a lip on it, so that would prevent the ipad from slipping out) - its the perfect size too. Hoping to pick one up at the weekend, so i will post pics if it turns out to be ok.
  38. keroro1979

    iPad Touch Screen Settings...

    Not sure about this, but is it different with capacative touch screens and the other pressure sensitive ones? I know the DS also has a calibration option, thats a pressure sensitive touch screen, as does my crappy huawei phone.