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  1. jwt873

    iPad slow down

    iOS 11 pretty well crippled my iPad Air. I have an original Air, 16 Gig with 2.5 Gig free... And an iPad Pro 9.7. Prior to iOS 11 both devices performed roughly the same. The Pro was a bit faster, but not by much. When iOS11 came out, I installed it on the Air first to check out the new OS...
  2. jwt873

    Apple File System (APFS) Reclaims Storage in iOS 10.3

    Out of interest, I have a 16 Gig iPad Air that was pretty full. I checked right before updating and saw that it was down to 620 Megabytes. Immediately after updating to 10.3 it went up to 2.4 Gig... That's an extra ~1.8 Gigs for 'free'. Amazing. I did my Pro 9.7 and iPhone 7Plus as well...
  3. jwt873

    How to go on....

    I still have my iPad 1. The regular installed YouTube app (with the little TV set icon) stopped working shortly after iOS 6 was introduced. The iPad 1 didn't have the horsepower to use iOS6. There were some changes made to YouTube which rendered the iPad 1 version useless. As a patch...
  4. jwt873

    What is the difference between a iPad and tablet.?

    What's the difference between a car and an automobile. :) As indicated above, there are many definitions. But, in computing terms, a tablet is a thin computing device that you can hold in your hand. They've been around for quite a few years, but Apple made the tablet mainstream when it...
  5. jwt873

    IPad Pro or IPad Air?

    A quick way to check physically is to look at the speakers.. The Air has two speakers on one side (one above and one below the Lightning cable connector.. The Pro has four speakers (Two on each side). Also, the Pro's camera has a white LED 'flash' next to the lens.
  6. jwt873


    Maximum brightness :) This term is usually applied to demo TV sets in electronic shops. They set the brightness way higher than a person would have it set in their home. It's to make the TV look better on the shelf.
  7. jwt873


    I like everything in 'torch' mode.. Full manual brightness on my Pro 9.7, iPhone 7 Plus and Apple watch series 2 :) I do turn down the iPad sometimes when I'm using it in the car at night or in other dark environments.
  8. jwt873

    The Airpods Are Coming

    I gave up waiting... Picked up a set of Bose Noishush 35's last week. They're much larger, but they won't fall out of my ears while I'm moving about :) Most of the earbuds I've tried have never quite fit right..
  9. jwt873

    10.2 = poor cell reception?

    I've got a Pro 9.7 cellular as well. I've been through a couple of iOS upgrades. I think it was on the last version of 9.x when I got it and I just installed iOS 10.2 yesterday. The signal hasn't changed at all. It shouldn't really... Just to add, I almost always get the same amount of...
  10. jwt873

    What is mobilenam?

    I was going through my storage this morning and see that I have something called 'mobilenam' using 5K of iCloud space. I have no idea what it is. I don't have any apps called mobilenam and doing a Google search came up empty. Does anyone know what it is? (FWIW, I have an iPad Pro 9.7, an...
  11. jwt873

    Went gangbusters and bought the 256GB with pencil & UAG case.

    Congrats on getting the 'beast' :) Unfortunately developers do pull up stakes and remove products. Companies go bankrupt or developers pare down their offerings. I had a favorite navigation program (GPS Drive) that they stopped supporting. It used online resources that dissapeared when they...
  12. jwt873

    iPad predictions 2017 models

    The next one will most certainly have the A10 chip. As you say perhaps OLED and a taptic home key. And... no doubt 3D touch. I think they'll keep the earphone. There's lots of room on the perimeter of an iPod case to mount a jack. (Unless they make the next iPad waterproof -- In which...
  13. jwt873

    New iPad Pro, Internet Thru Non-Wireless Modem?

    As Brian 244 suggests... Best bet is to pick up a $40 - $50 wireless router and hook it up at your mother in law's place. Then you'll have WiFi whenever you visit. Your wife's mother can still connect via a network cable and won't notice any difference. Even if your mother in law only has...
  14. jwt873

    How to Record Smooth Video

    It's hard to find on the web.. On your Pro, open the 'App Store' app. Search for Videocam. It shows up there. Click on 'Revews. As of now, you'll see there are no reviews for the current version, but if you click on 'All versions' and scroll down to review 4, you'll see where the info...
  15. jwt873

    How to Record Smooth Video

    Just to add.. The videocam app is free.. According to one review I read, It's actually the 'In app purchase' that opens up the resolution... Of course, I'm going by the reviews, I've never used it.
  16. jwt873

    How to Record Smooth Video

    I took a quick look and see that the paid version of the Videocam uses the camera resolution, but the free version only records in 480P which is pretty low. And.. MP4 and MOV files are essentially the same. The video is no different, they just use different wrappers to hold it. .MOV is...
  17. jwt873

    Wallpaper Oversight

    The wallpaper preview on my Pro 9.7 and Air1 both show the clock in the middle of the screen, so this is something Apple missed.
  18. jwt873

    Can no longer see iPad in Windows Explorer

    I connected my Pro 9.7 to my Windows computer for the first time since I upgraded to 10. It pops up as a device in my list of directories in File Explorer as it always has. The iPad does have to be on and unlocked for this to happen. If it's locked, it doesn't appear.
  19. jwt873

    iOS 10 Features

    Yep.. I just updated my Pro and it works OK.
  20. jwt873

    iOS 10 Features

    Out of interest, this doesn't work on my updated Air 1 I don't get the 'Split view' option. I haven't updated the Pro 9.7 yet, but since it works for scifan57, I imagine it will work for me too when I update.
  21. jwt873

    Downloading it now

    The release version I got was 10.0.1.. I wonder if the release versions and beta versions numbered the same?
  22. jwt873

    Downloading it now

    It took me about 35 minutes all together. (I did it over the air as well). Kind of a letdown... Not that different on the surface from 9.x.x There's a Home Icon now. But you need homekit accessories to use it. The Photos app can display photos you took by location on a map. SIRI seems...
  23. jwt873

    Downloading it now

    I have an original iPad Air and a Pro 9.7. I'm installing iOS 10 on the Air to try out. If there aren't any problems that might have been missed during the beta testing, I'll do my Pro next. It's coming down REALLY slow right now. I imagine the servers are groaning away with the massive...
  24. jwt873

    iPad Pro 9.7 wastes more space than it should

    I don't know if the apps are 'wasting' memory. Most programs allocate more memory when they are being used. The allocated memory is for things like buffering and temporary storage. This isn't wasted memory. For instance, Bittorrent gathers data packets that aren't in any particular order...
  25. jwt873

    External memory for music?

    My new car has all the bells and whistles for connectivity. I can plug my iPad directly in to the USB port with an adapter, or connect the iPad earphone jack to the AUX input, or I can connect using Bluetooth. (I use Bluetooth most of the time). As giradman points out.. It's nice. But I...
  26. jwt873

    How long does an iPad retain data?

    I still have my iPad 1 that I got a few years back when they first came out. I've let it sit literally for months without using it (with a charged battery) and it's never lost any data... Not only that, the battery life is still pretty good :)
  27. jwt873

    Pro 9.7 Smart Cover cracking at the hinge

    I finally got down the Apple Store today... It was jammed as usual. I was greeted by a Genius who called another Genius who decided it should be covered under warranty. He called yet another Genius who took a new cover off the shelf and swapped out my cracked one and did the paperwork. So...
  28. jwt873


    Oh yea.. I forget about that stuff. I don't do it :)
  29. jwt873


    I got the 9.3.4 update notice yesterday and installed it.. Since it's a security patch, it's probably a good idea to upgrade .
  30. jwt873

    Pro 9.7 Smart Cover cracking at the hinge

    OK.. Thanks for the reply. It could just be bad luck. I went over my records after I posted and see that I got it two months ago, (June 10), not three. I'll be very upset if they don't replace it. We'll see what the geniuses say tomorrow :)
  31. jwt873

    Pro 9.7 Smart Cover cracking at the hinge

    I picked up the silicon case and the magnetic smart cover when I got my 9.7 three months ago. I was looking at it today and see that the hinge on the cover is cracking. I'm going to run by the Apple store tomorrow and see what they say.. I'm not happy about this. I think it will crack again...
  32. jwt873

    Prinder / scanner for iPad

    For what it's worth, I can activate the scanner in my Samsung C460 combo printer using the Samsung Mobile Print App. I just place a document on the scan bed, click 'Scan' on the iPad and the scanned image gets sent directly to my iPad. I can also print to the device. But, it's FAR from...
  33. jwt873

    IPad Pro 2 Rumored w/ 12.9" 4K Display

    From the time I got my iPad 1 when they first came out, I was always hoping for a 12" iPad. When the Pro 12.9 finally was released I found it kind of big, so I went for the 9.7. -- Go figure :) So, I probably won't be going for the larger Pro 2... 4K was designed for large displays. (I...
  34. jwt873

    Full Screen Not Working With Webcam

    Wow.. That's great. I guess more of us need to complain to sites that use Flash.
  35. jwt873

    Reflecting on the Pro 9.7

    Darn.. I meant to put this in the iPad Pro forum, but clicked on mini by mistake. Could a mod move it?
  36. jwt873

    Ipad keeps downloading unknown stuff

    Many routers allow you to log the IP numbers of the remote systems that your local network is communicating with. If you can do this, you'll be able to see who the iPad is talking to. (You can resolve the IP number to its owner using Whois IANA — WHOIS Service ) Another thing you might try...
  37. jwt873

    How much time your iPAD needs to fully charge?

    Interesting... I've never timed my Pro 9.7. I just put it on the charger when I go to bed and it's charged to 100% when I get up in the morning :) Plus, I never get much under 30% in a normal day. I should try a full discharge/recharge to see...
  38. jwt873

    Reflecting on the Pro 9.7

    Apple claims that the Pro 9.7 has an improved reflective coating.on the glass. So, I decided to check it out. I positioned my iPad Air1 on my kitchen counter under a window that was letting in lots of daylight. I took a shot of the screen using my phone. Then right away I removed the Air...
  39. jwt873

    iOS Flat Design

    I don't like it either... The calendar is especially bland. It would be nice if they would add a way to configure the screen colors.. Or even add something like skins that could change the borders etc. of the apps. Then the people who like light grey on white and those who like some...