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    I need God Finger friends

    you can use me...its mrdinh
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    godfinger stuck at level 50

    anyone else has this prob?...any trick to get further? thanks
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    caps lock

    how do you do that?
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    Need friends for Farm Story

    add me" mrphat_man
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    stabile ipad stand

    anyone have it? you recommend it? thanks
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    best browser for tabs, gestures, speed

    what you all using?..safari sucks...need something better
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    how to set to auto scroll to the top for new tweets? thanks
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    luxa 2 stand

    thanks...btw, where did you buy it? online straight from luxa?
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    luxa 2 stand

    anyone have it? recomend?
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    pulse equivalent

    is there any free app for rss readers?
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    how fast is your wifi ipad speeds? to test if the apple router signals is running properly?...anyone knows?
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    how fast is your wifi ipad speeds?

    at my home, i get between 1-10 megs...depends on how close i am from the router...mine provider is cox... thanks
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    The iPad is Not Welcome in Yankee Stadium

    why do they care? can take pics/video of the game
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    new iphone os will have tethering but!

    from cnet...the tethering will not work with the ipad wifi models...true?
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    notes from macpro desktop to iphone/ipad app?

    what app can i use to transfer my ie. text or word docs to my iphone/ipad? since there is no notes app for the desktop and only in the iphone/ipad any app out there? thanks
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    iPad Mobile Me Users?

    i just want to share my calendar with my wife...not sure its worth it yet
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    What is the perfect game for me to start with??

    godfinger is awesome!...anyone want to be my friend and go on my planet?
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    Weak wi-fi signal

    i have this prob wifi signals in the home is erratic...sometimes good and not...its usually fine when i'm sitting next to the router...but away from it...its not...that is not the point...hope the firmware comes quickly...getting anoying.
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    pages equivalent

    what i really a note app that i can attach text and images to and sync with either my desktop mac and/or ipad...i like the built in note app..but it doesn't do images and i can create notes on the desktop
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    Announced: Apple issued FW patch to resolve wireless issues

    can't wifi signals are off and on.
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    pages equivalent

    doesn't look that great.
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    pages equivalent

    is there a similar app close to pages that is cheaper?
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    adding images to the note app

    i tried but the free version of course is limited... would like to add pics and text together, also create notes either from the ipad or my desktop and sync to each other. is there other free app equivalents?...or even paid ones? thanks
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    adding images to the note app

    is there a way to add images to this app? or this is for text only? if not, is there a free app that can do text and images? thanks
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    front facing camera?

    thanks...just hoping!
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    front facing camera?

    I see what to be camera? it's in the black frame opposite side of the home button. thoughts?
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    Android Tablet With 16 Hours of Battery Time

    bring on the competition!...this will only make ipad better!
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    Is there a point of having an iPad if you own an iPhone

    one doesn't replace the other...diff purposes
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    full website & mobile site

    why does some websites automatically goes to the mobile website version instead of the full site? very annoying! is there a setting to use the full site when possible?
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    Observations after two days w/ 3G

    my thoughts with the wifi version. 1. heavy 1.5lbs...maybe get used to it? 2. fragile...afraid it will kids use it too! 3. lots of apps suddenly disappear and have to restart the app or the ipad...hopefully app fix for that?! 4. wif speed is spotty, not impressive web surf speed as...
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    iPhone wall charger does work with ipad

    I used it now. I do not want to add another charger to my powerstrip.
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    What Do You Sync With (Mac or PC)?

    only Mac!
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    does iEmoji works with iPad?

    anyone know?
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    How often do you charge your iPad?

    only charge it will its in the that a good idea? or always charge it when not in use to obtain 100% capacity?
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    ipad sleeve

    show me yours?
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    app to change wallpaper automatically

    probably nothing out there now?
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    how to save/download youtube videos to ipad?

    anyone know? thanks
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    Wondershare Launches DVD/Video to iPad Converter

    i used handbrake for avatar using the apple tv preset...good quality but large that a overkill preset?...what preset are you all using with handbrake? thanks
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    app to change wallpaper automatically

    is there a app for that?...would like the wallpaper to change everything i wake up the ipad...just like my mac computers in mac x.
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    Best Buy Availability

    got my 64gig at way lists...