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    What book are you reading?

    Stephen King's "The Stand", Del Toro's "The Fall: Book 2 of the Strain Trilogy" and The 4th book in the Nina Wilde Series [can't remember neither the Author or title right now!]
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    Are you an Apple Fanatic? What Apple products do you own?

    Currently own the iPod Touch 1st Gen, Bluetooth keyboard, iPod Shuffle, and the iPad. Hope to get the new MacBook Air 13 inch for Xmas [fingers & toes crossed!! :p]
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    Marie's Angry Bird Thread!

    oops looks like misread your post! But still thats weird kinda like a zombie app!! Its back from the dead, braaainzssss!!
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    Marie's Angry Bird Thread!

    Wow that sounds like one nasty bug!!! u kinda put me off it lol :)
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    iTunes Announcement Scheduled for Tomorrow

    probably something lame like Ping or perhaps the "new" iPad 4.2 OS. Hopefully I am wrong!
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    stargate ipad wallpapers..

    Awesomely Coooool!!! LOLZ!! Yup that was my geekiness response! Hey there fellow Stargate lovers and cheeeeeeers for the awesome wallpapers!! Anybody got anything of Destiny?? :)
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    Marie's Angry Bird Thread!

    Ya Angry Birds is aweeeesome. Nearly finished it on iPad [i love all those free worlds that we got a little while ago] and then gonna buy the Halloween edition!!
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    Free ebook sites, already in iBook (ePub) format

    Thanks for the great links, so many of those sites were new to me :)
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    putting books in ibook

    Like people have said before, you sync the iBooks application to your iPad. Then if you have e-books on your Mac/PC [in ePubs] or PDFs you open them [or drag them to your iTunes Library] in iTunes. You will then see them under the Books category in your iTunes Library. Next time you sync your...
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    My iPad Review, and iPad vs. Kindle 2

    iPad and iBooks have worked amazingly well for me. I love ittt!! Reading in Sepia, being able to fiddle with Brightness and Font Size has resulted in a very easy to read device. In fact I reckon I have finished well over 12 books on it [and some of them were huge] with no issues. I guess its a...
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    Second Gen Ipad

    Printing looks like its a cinch with 4.2 [its used WiFi to share any printer that is on the Network or hooked up to a Computer I believe] I hope iPad 2 keeps the same screen size [as what Jobs seems to have confirmed at an earnings meeting] but faster "guts" [RAM, then CPU...] and some cameras...
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    Reading in bed - Needing a Stand

    I just use the Apple iPad case or just grip with both hands in landscape
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    What is your ipads name?

    The very "Creative" Ryan's iPad !!!
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    Is getting a 3G Ipad worth it?

    Well it depends on your needs and current tech "lifestyle" With a BlackBerry plan and a data plan for my other Cell coupled with the fact that WiFi is everywhere that I visit I definitely gained by saving $100+ difference between the iPad Hardware and then more $$$ on the Data Plans, but like I...
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    New Owner

    Welcome Chris and congrats on your new device. Hope to see you around, take care
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    iPad 4.2 GM Crashing Windows 7 Applications

    When I uninstalled and the reinstalled iTunes 10.1 and then formatted the iPad and upgraded it to 4.2 GM 2 [8C134b] it seems to be acting great again and syncing like a Ferrari again. Touch Wood!! :D
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    Will iPad GM expire?

    woaah sweet!
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    Will iPad GM expire?

    Ya for the time being ;)
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    Turn off Ipod on Ipad

    To play music look for the orange icon once you are at the main homepage [its a free built in program]. To get there press the physical hard round button that is above the place that you plug the device in. Also this Home button is used to close applications which in the case of the music...
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    Knowing what you know NOW ~ would you still buy your ipad?

    Absolutelyyyyyyyy!! This guy has outperformed itself in more ways than I couldve imagined. I have read like a bookworm on steroids, used it tons for travelling and work and thats not even scratching the surface. Is it perfect? Hell no. I can't wait for round two which should have better guts...
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    Will iPad GM expire?

    No sarcasm intended lol :p
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    Is there a non-flaky AVI player for iPad?

    I second that! I've been using VLC for some time now and it has been playing back FLVs, and SD DIVX movies and episodes superbly. :ipad-peacock:
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    iPad 4.2 GM Crashing Windows 7 Applications

    Yup my iPad and iTunes have been acting up and being major resource pigs :( sadly even with iTunes 10.1 it occasionally happens. Oh how I miss the good "ole" days when iTunes was sooooo nice and nimble [think iTunes 3] and without all that bloat [I'm looking at you PINGGGG!!]
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    Will iPad GM expire?

    No bud it doesnt but the Gold that was released a few weeks back does indeed suffer from a WIFI bug so make sure to download another GM called 4.2 8C134b
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    Pogo, Stylis or Whatever

    Hey guys and thanks for suggesting the Targus as i was about to spring for a Pogo! ;)
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    Looking for a pdf reader which meets these requirements

    Well said. Ever since iBooks enabled the feature GoodReader has been sitting like a dummy when it comes to PDFs! [I still use it in the field though as it is great to store and access a bunch of different formats for a project]
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    FREE video converters

    a wicked and dead simple free app to use is called "Free Video iPad Converter" available at Free iPad Converter Software - Free iPad Video Converter to convert video to iPad its a great little app for Windows. Did any of guys also try out VLC? It has been working amazingly great for non HD...
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    itunes store (outside USA)

    Hey guys try this. Select the country that you want, then try to download a free application, fill in the details, then on the second page you should be able to select none for the credit card details. This worked for me years ago and I tried it awhile back and it still seems to be working...
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    Gorillaz Recorded New Album on iPad

    Wow take that Galaxy Tab!! :)
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    iOS 4.2 Delayed Due to Wi-Fi Problems

    Hey guys. Yup i've been experiencing this bug for a few weeks and now I know why! It is rare but sometimes [im guessing occasionally after sleep] my wifi cuts or I am connected but I can't surf on my ipad while the rest of gadgets at home are fine. Will upgrade to the second GM tonight [ends...
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    New Ipad Owner

    Congrats on the purchase mate and welcome to the site
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    Downloading PDF Manuals on IPad?

    Yeah good reader is an awesome app!
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    Apple to charge for iPad OS upgrades after one freebie

    I think that's awesome as an iPod touch user I have to pay for each major upgrade but not like I'm complaining since they only cost ten bucks. Having a major new one for free that includes folders and multitasking and more is sweet. After all its not like ms or apple offer free desktop os upgrades!
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    Hello and marhaba!

    no worries mate I do have loads of real friends hehe. Just saying that it is an excellent piece of kit that has really exceeded my expectations. Just wish more companies would follow apples lead. Thanks for stopping bye and saying hi. Cheers, Ryan :)
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    Goofy iPad app I'd like to see

    Sounds like a sweet idea! Wish I could program that alien chestbuster ;)
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    Official iPad Owners List

    Proud papa of a 1 week old iPad 32 and she's a real beauty! Bought from iStore
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    Hi I'm Abe from Miami!

    Hey there and welcome from a fellow noob! Long live the iPad :)
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    USB charger for PC and IPAD

    Yeah it's pretty lame that sometimes I can charge it just fine on my HP laptop fine and other times it has to be off or locked. Oh well thank god it comes with a free charger in the box lol!
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    Hello and marhaba!

    Hey guys Ryan here, just stumbled upon this site and signed up 2 minutes later! This looks like a great and friendly place. I've had the 32gb iPad for just under a week and I still can't believe just how stunning and exceptional this piece of tech is. Can't wait to meet some of you and learn...