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    iPad as e-reader. How does it compare

    My wife has the B&W Nook and she loves it. She also likes my iPad2 as well...but there really is no comparison when it come to reading outdoors in bright light...Nook B&W wins every time. Like others here have done I have a B&N app and download all her books so she can use either one of the...
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    Bad YouTube video quality!!!

    Great tips about wifi over 3g...I'll keep that in mind. Cya
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    Bad YouTube video quality!!!

    I was checking out some saltwater aquariums since I'm thinking about getting into that again, so it was just random videos but the quality just plain SUCKED!! I'm not home right now so I checked out some of those same videos again on wifi and the quality is a whole lot better. I gotta get me...
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    Bad YouTube video quality!!!

    Ok...I checked the videos again today using wifi and the quality is much better. I myself wouldn't think that wifi would give you a better quality video. The router I have at home is provided by the service provider and I know it is not that good or fast. I'm going to have to look into...
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    Bad YouTube video quality!!!

    I searched the topic to no go easy on me if I missed the already discussed topic. While watching YouTube videos through the app on the iPad I noticed that the quality is not even close to "HD". What gives? I thought that the quality would be better than I'm getting. Ant...
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    I'm waiting for a iPad 2 jailbreak. Should I....

    Well, I'm rooting for Sunday. Thanks for the update. Cya
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    I'm waiting for a iPad 2 jailbreak. Should I....

    Any word or guesses on when a JB will be out for the iPad2 4.3.3? Cya
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    Best iPad 2 case with keyboard

    I'm on the Zagg bandwagon. Cya
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    wi fi no 3G

    How did you think you would connect the wireless card to the iPad? There is no way of connecting the card that I know of. Cya
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    Best price for case/keyboard

    I went and bought a ZaggMate from BestBuy the other day so I would be ready when my iPad got to my house. I'm glad I has a small learning curve. Others have said it up and go the Zagg route. Cya
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    ZaggMate for iPad2

    I got my iPad on Wednesday the 11th and I also have the ZagMate. I can't compare it to anything else since this is my first experience with either one, but I will jump on the bandwagon in favor of the ZagMate. It paired up immediately and performs flawlessly. It's a great combination. Cya
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    Shipment date moved up!! Anyone else?

    Well, it showed up this morning. This thing is awesome. I love it. Cya
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    Shipment date moved up!! Anyone else?

    Wouldn't ya know it...Got the confirmation email tonight about the shipment and the estimated delivery of the 11th. I was going to leave in the morning to go see if I could fulfill my iPad desires and then this. I'll just wait till Wednesday the 11th. Cya
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    Shipment date moved up!! Anyone else?

    I finally got ahold of someone at VZW that would take a moment to research my order and tell me what the hold up was. When I placed my order for the iPad I also placed an order for a few accessories and come to find out that is what is holding up the entire order. I made sure to order the...
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    Facetime Costs

    Forgive my ignorance....can an iPad have a Face time type call if the other person only has a Netbook? Cya
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    Shipment date moved up!! Anyone else?

    I ordered mine over a month ago hoping to get here by Mothers Day which I was told would happen and I still don't even have a shipping date yet. This SUCKS!!! Cya
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    Shipment date moved up!! Anyone else?

    I just checked the VZW site and it now states that I have an expected ship date of 05/10. I went from an expected 05/05 date to unknown and now pushed back to 05/10...this SUCKS big time.:confused: Cya
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    Best price for case/keyboard

    Probably not going to happen for less than $50. Cya
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    Shipment date moved up!! Anyone else?

    Did you order from Apple or one of the carriers? I ordered my Black 3G 32GB from Verizon on 04/08 and just looked on the VZW site yesterday and was informed that the shipping date is tentatively 05/05, but I just looked again and all it says now is "Your order is being processed, please check...
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    So....did we enjoy ' the wedding '?

    It kinda sounds like you might have a secret crush on her. Cya
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    Shipment date moved up!! Anyone else?

    I ordered mine on 04/08 and just checked Verizon page for any update on the 3-4 week wait time stated and got an expected shiping date of 05/09. I was really hoping on an early delivery but guess not. Cya
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    32g vs 64g?

    This will be my first iPad so I have a lot to learn about what I can and can't do with the iPad. I've been using a old 14in laptop for my travels away from home and am looking forward in using the iPad2 paired up with a Zaggmate for those travels. So far I mostly have only been using the...
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    32g vs 64g?

    I've got my 32G on order now and I thought that it would be enough but listening to some of the opinions in this thread it makes one wonder. I guess I'll find out one way or the other. Cya
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    iPad forums meet up in San Francisco

    I'm heading to Frisco the first week of Aug. and by then I would hope I receive my iPad2. Cya
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    Shipment date moved up!! Anyone else?

    Ordered mine on 04/08 and nothing yet. I was originally was told the 3-4 week thing before delivery...just checked to see any status at all and nothing at all. :( Cya
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    Research Firm Says iPad Sales Drop Caused by Supply and Quality Issues

    "Not even if it's dipped in chocolate"!!! That says it all right there. Cya
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    ZaggMate for iPad2

    There are quite a few listed on the Zagg website. Cya
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    Smart Cover with back case!?

    What link? Cya
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    I have the big mouth shut problem...still working on the keyboard. Cya
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    Thanks "twerppoet" for taking over on some instructions. Need a iPad Master rather than a iPad Junkie. Cya
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    Do you mean activate or do are you not being able to turn on the iPad at all? Cya
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    Case from - Flip & Fold

    I like it..."bet it smells bad"!!! Cya
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    Ordering from Apple website

    So.... upgraded shipping gets ya moved from coach to "FIRST CLASS" and one day earlier in delivery. Hmmm. I hope the upgrade didn't cost ya too much. Cya
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    Holding IP2 when taking a photo

    Ya just gotta get those thumbs working together and miracles happen. Cya
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    Is Best Buy Only Selling the iPad 2 to Customers Who Buy a Protection Plan?

    Little tactics to make an extra buck usually back fire in form of another. With Best Buy in the news these last couple of days about said tactics at different locations probably isn't one of their best shining moments. Cya
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    Is there an official facebook app for ipad?

    I think it is just a "Mobile" look rather than a full website look. Cya
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    News Anchor April-Fooled Into Licking An iPad on Air!

    I like it. LMAO!!! Cya
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    Upgraded to ipad 2 but was it the right choice??

    I thought about just getting the wifi model packaged with the myfi2200 through Verizon for quite a discount but couldn't quite pull the trigger. I tried to tie in the new Samsung 4G Hotspot modem instead of the Myfi2200 3G but they wouldn't do it. I like the idea of having 3G access when I...
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    Upgraded to ipad 2 but was it the right choice??

    I just ordered my iPad2 black 32gb 3G model which is back ordered for 3-4 weeks, but maybe it'll come in sooner than later. Maybe I missed something, but where did you get the information that there might be a iPad3 coming out in November? That is the first I've heard that at all. Cya
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    IPad return policy?

    I would think that it starts with the date of the replacement iPad. Just a guess though. Good luck Cya