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    [GIVEAWAY] Win an AirBender 2.0 Wireless Keyboard Case for iPad Air!

    I want to win the Airbender 2.0! I don't watch a lot of anime but I enjoy animation from Halo to Scooby Doo to just about anything from Pixar.
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    Greetings from MinneSNOWta

    I like mslammers idea for choice in bag types. In addition to not looking girly it also doesn't advertise to everyone you pass that you have a $800+ device on you. For the few times that it is not in my actual hands I usually carry mine in a sports bag over my shoulder.
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    Intro and help

    Welcome. I am not familiar with the device you mentioned but if you have the ability to copy epubs onto your computer you just import them into iTunes and when you sync with your iPad they will be readable in the book program. This method does not work for protected epubs that have the epub...
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    App store

    Apple - Support - Discussions - HOW TO FIX ERROR CODE 1009 ... What country are you in? Not sure if the above fits your situation but everything I have seen online about it says this is the cause of that error
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    Wish there was a way to subfolder photos

    If your an idiot for not figuring it out then We must be related because after spending about 3 hours putting 7,800 images into unique subfolders and getting it all set up just right I synced it to the iPad just to have a single folder with 7,800 pictures show up in it. Have you ever tried to...
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    Looking for my video

    I have had that happen twice. Once the video was not correctly formatted as an MP4 for the iPhone/iPad and didn't sync but no error given and the other time it was formatted correctly but I didn't have it set to include all videos so it wasn't selected to sync. If the video is not an iPhone...
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    IPAD Google Maps

    Sorry, it is the letter I you click on, not an arrow but the steps work regardless.
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    IPAD Google Maps

    You can email your location by clicking the blue dot on the map showing your location then click the arrow on the right in the little screen that opens. In there you will have a "share location" button which will email it to whoever you choose.
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    Online music with Ipad ?

    Pandora radio is an online streaming music player for the iPad and is free. The interface is nicely done.