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  1. J

    How many iPad users are iPhone users as well?

    Yes, I have both.
  2. J

    Os 6

    It should not delete anything but you should sync your iPad to your iTunes account first and back everything on it up AND make sure that any purchases made on the iPad are transferred to your iTunes account. Then you can download and install iOS 6. You may need to rearrange app icons but nothing...
  3. J

    Does apple deserve such a loyal customer fan base?? YES or NO? POLL

    I have no issue with anything Apple does.
  4. J

    New to ipad and Apple

    Welcome! A Wi-Fi and LTE (4G) if you can swing it with a capacity of at least 32GB. I prefer Navigon MobileNavigator for navigation. It uses NAVTEQ map data which far superior to the maps Tom Tom uses. Just my preference.
  5. J

    New Ipad purchase un my future

    iPad 3. At least 32GB. Wi-Fi and LTE capable.
  6. J

    New user

    Congrats! Happy Birthday! What types of questions?
  7. J

    GPS questions

    I assume you have either a 3G or LTE (4G) iPad? One of those is necessary for GPS because they have a GPS chip. I am not familiar with the app you used and asked about. Is it a full and complete version or a trial version? If the latter, the trial period may have expired. Maybe there are costs...
  8. J

    On this day in history.

    On this day in 1989, I married the love of my life.
  9. J

    One iPad Sold for Every 9 People in the US

    In the case of Samsung, it is not their intellectual property they are defending. It is Apple's intellectual property, the reason for the lawsuit.
  10. J

    New iPad owner. What's this black area on screen?

    Be sure the cable you ordered as the iPad/iPhone 30-pin connector on one end and USB on the other. Do not know where you live but you can get the cable at an Apple store or at an AT&T and or Verizon store. Most malls have kiosks that sell all kinds of iPad/iPhone accessories too.
  11. J

    New iPad owner. What's this black area on screen?

    The iPad works with Mac and with Windows PCs. You need to install iTunes on your PC if it is not already installed then open it up so it is running, then connect the iPad to your PC with the 30-pin connector cord that should have come with the iPad (it has a USB connector on the other end...
  12. J

    DVD's and IPad2

  13. J

    iPad 3 screen cracked with smart cover on! help?!

    According to my local Apple store, the version of Apple Care that preceded AppleCare+ is no longer available.
  14. J

    IPAD pay as you go carriers for Canadian travelling to the US

    AT&T and Verizon offer by the month plans. AT&T charges at or near $25 for 2GB per month with no contract. These prices are what they were when I signed up for. Might be a bit higher now. Do not know about Verizon.
  15. J

    Italy VS Germany

  16. J


    Navigon works very well and is WAY better than Tom Tom.
  17. J

    is the New 3D iOS Maps gonna be better than Google Maps ?

    If it is built on Tom Tom I will not use the new map feature. Tom Tom is pure garbage. Garmin standalone GPS units are infinitely better as Garmin uses industry leading NAVTEQ maps. The best mobile navigation app is Navigon MobileNavigator (NAVTEQ) which was acquired by Garmin, although Navigon...
  18. J

    New iPad 3 and iOS 6...

    You will most certainly be able to upgrade to iOS 6. No need for a new new iPad.
  19. J

    In-car GPS/Enterainment

  20. J

    video files

    Do you have a Mac or a PC? If a Mac get Handbrake. You can use it to encode the video from the Sony into a format the iPad (and iPhone or iPod, and iPod Touch) can play.
  21. J

    Flash player

    No. And Adobe no longer supports it.
  22. J

    HDMI Adapter

    Is it an Apple HDMI adapter (or cable)? A lot of after market cables do not work.
  23. J

    iPad Dictionary

    This is a result of the autocorrect feature in iPads and iPhones. Go into Settings, General, Keyboard, Autocorrect. Then turn it off. This is how it is done on an iPhone. I suspect this will be same or similar on the iPad.
  24. J

    Netgear WN2000RPT wifi extender link to iPad1

    I have no experience with Netgear products but how long have you had the device? It may have suffered a hardware failure and you may be able to replace it under warranty. One thing to try though is a complete reinstall of the router software. Remove all vestiges of Netgear software from your...
  25. J

    Comcast mail

    Yes, server has been down since at least 2 pm eastern time. Seems to be up now though.
  26. J

    Convert Blu-ray to IPad 3

    Roxio Toast (latest version) will convert Blu-ray to a format that will play on an iOS device. As for encryption, that will require other software.
  27. J

    Best (cheapest) place to buy iPAD 3

    Taxes are most likely different for each of the two cities you mention. The price of the iPad 3 will be within one or two dollars of the price at regardless of where it is purchased.
  28. J

    Refund of purchased application?

    Apple normally will not refund an App Store purchase. They have on occasion done so but it has been rare and on a case by case basis. You can request a refund, explain your case and see how it goes. Another option is contacting the App manufacturer.
  29. J

    Best Sat Nav

    Tom Tom uses inferior map sourcing called TeleAtlas or TeleNav or something. Navigon (and Garmin) use NAVTEQ the leader is mapping. Navigon is also a German company which alone makes it the best.
  30. J

    Photo Stitching app?

    Found an app in the Apple App Store compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It is called "Panorama Mosaicker". It is currently on sale for $0.99 (50 percent off). It looks like it does a good job. Started scrolling through 17 pages of photo apps in the app store. Gave up and Googled again...
  31. J

    Photo Stitching app?

    Hummm...I Googled iPad-specific apps and that was the one that came up. I will do some more checking and post back here.
  32. J

    Best Sat Nav

    Navigon MobileNavigator
  33. J

    Photo Stitching app?

    AutoStitch Panorama. In the App Store.