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  1. Dakotapix

    Update fail

    Apple is supposed to release IOS 13.1 along with the new IPadIOS on Sept. 24. Not sure if there will be a Watch IOS 13.1 as well but you might wait to see and get the new for your phone. As for your WiFi, you might check to see if you have two bands available ( 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) and toggle...
  2. Dakotapix

    Update fail

    No issues were reported about WiFi during the DL or install, Mark.
  3. Dakotapix

    Update fail

    Mark — I went through a similar process the day the updates were released. My iPhone 7 updated with no issues and then I started the update on my watch 3. The download appeared to be stalled and after nearly an hour I saw a message that said it would take another 14 hours to complete the...
  4. Dakotapix

    Latest OS versions - discussions

    Control Center on ios12 Hmmm....I just tried this move and can say I don’t like it on the iPad. Most times swiping from the bottom up closes the app. Done carefully it works but it’s way too picky. Edit: I did the swipe up on my iPhone 7 and this worked the same as the previous ios. Seems to...
  5. Dakotapix

    ipad workflow and “speed”

    I probably do 95 percent of my online browsing with my iPad (2017 model) but like to use my MacBook Air for photo editing that I do with an older version of Photoshop Elements. Of course I also do backups for the iPad and iPhone to the Mac as well as to iCloud (belt and suspenders?). I began...
  6. Dakotapix

    Apple Discontinues AirPort Express, AirPort Extreme, and AirPort Time Capsule

    Upon hearing this news I immediately ordered another Extreme to have as a spare just in case mine ever breaks down. It’s too bad for users since this line of routers is so incredibly easy to configure for a home network. I even have an older, flat model, set up as an access point for an HP...
  7. Dakotapix


    Sounds to me as though you might want to edit your specific photo shoots to save only the best shots from any photo session. I shot photos with film for a living for 40 years and that’s what I always did. Now with digital cameras it’s easy to overwhelm your storage with multiple images unless...
  8. Dakotapix popup

    I’ve been experiencing the same sort of pop up but only on a certain type of forum software. This is with Safari on my 2017 iPad. It does not occur if I access those same sites with a Mac or via a certain app called Topic’it. I do have the block pop ups selected in my Safari preferences. Here’s...
  9. Dakotapix

    Post your favorite YouTube videos.

    Here’s a quick one that should appeal to dog lovers:
  10. Dakotapix

    IOS Update Notifications

    I get lots of my IOS upgrade news right here on this forum. Folks here are pretty tuned in.
  11. Dakotapix

    New Router 2 Band, Multiple iDevices

    My previous iPad was the original iPad Air (3?) and it definitely used the 5Ghz band. Not sure what is going on in your setup.
  12. Dakotapix

    New Router 2 Band, Multiple iDevices

    I set up my Apple Airport Express router with two channels mainly for my Apple TV to access the 5Ghz channel for streaming. One note of caution is that you might need to adjust the settings on the 5Ghz channel to avoid conflicts with cordless phones you might have in your home. I did the setup...
  13. Dakotapix

    Transfer music from MacBook Air to 2017 IPad

    Thanks for the reply. I’ve decided not to push my iCloud storage beyond my photo and backup needs. I’m an old guy and don’t want to leave my family with any ongoing and unexplained monthly charges. Now that I’ve practiced adding my favorites—mostly jazz—I’m happy with what I’ve learned...
  14. Dakotapix

    Transfer music from MacBook Air to 2017 IPad

    I've actually gotten a lot more comfortable with the process after repeating a few of the needed moves with iTunes. The transfer of music on the disc takes a few minutes and then if you want to type in the names of the album, artist and names of songs that'll take a few minutes. From there hook...
  15. Dakotapix

    Transfer music from MacBook Air to 2017 IPad

    Actually SciFan, I called Apple this morning and was told that transferring via cable from the MacBook to the iPad was the only way to accomplish this. I was surprised by this because I was hoping music would move among my devices much the same way photos do. The tech could not explain why but...
  16. Dakotapix

    Transfer music from MacBook Air to 2017 IPad

    Well, I managed to get the eight songs transferred over to the iPad but it required hooking up to the MacBook with the cable and then fiddling with the songs to select them all and then copying over. Then on the iPad in the Music App had to manually select each song to download. Not a very...
  17. Dakotapix

    Transfer music from MacBook Air to 2017 IPad

    I uploaded a new cd to my MacBook Air via iTunes today fulliy expecting the music to transfer over to both my iPad and also my iPhone. Didn’t happen. Photos transfer effortlessly among all our devices so I’m sure I’ve missed something in settings. Hope you can suggest what I’ve missed. Thanks in...
  18. Dakotapix

    iOS 11 Problems and Issues Thread

    My immediate solution was to turn off “Show suggested and recent Apps” in the dock. I’m not sure that was Apple’s intention though.
  19. Dakotapix

    iOS 11 Problems and Issues Thread

    The new Dock can quickly become over populated with icons as you use your various apps. Removing them is a problem for me, however. The instructions say to lightly touch the icon you want to remove from the dock and slide it to the main screen. This has not worked for me. In fact on occasion the...
  20. Dakotapix

    New ipad

    I recently replaced my three-year-old iPad Air with the 2017 model with 128 Gb of storage. Love it. It is faster, more responsive and just seems to be a much improved model. I wanted the additional storage for photos and some Apps I could not have on the 16Gb model. The better pricing of the...
  21. Dakotapix

    iPad 2017 vs iPad 4

    I can't recall the exact wording but the selection had to do with the Keychain. I'm sure that was my error.
  22. Dakotapix

    iPad 2017 vs iPad 4

    I've been using my new 2017 iPad w/128gb of storage for a week now. Its wifi only and replaced a three-year-old iPad Air. I made the change mainly for the additional storage. I might not have made the purchase otherwise because I was happy with the older unit. I did the backup and restore via...
  23. Dakotapix

    Are you going to buy the ipad pro 10.5 inch?

    Take a look at the Fintie line of iPad cases on Amazon. I just ordered the 2017 regular iPad and added a Fintie case for around $10. I used a Fintie on my iPad Air for about three years and it has held up well although it now shows wear. They offer several for the 10.5 line.
  24. Dakotapix

    iPad mini 2 iOS 10.3

    I also updated my iPad Air first thing this morning. I thought the download and install seemed to take longer but not excessively so. So far no problems encountered.
  25. Dakotapix

    Upgrading to iOS 10 iPads - What you need to know !

    IOS 10 became available to me a bit after lunchtime and I got it right away. I had done a full backup to my MacBook Air this morning so I felt confident going for the update and installing it. I've opened several of my most used Apps and there have been no problems. I note that when opening...
  26. Dakotapix

    Are you getting high battery drain?

    Battery life since the 8.0 update on my Air seems better. I normally plug in to recharge over night, forgot last night and the Air was still at 50 percent this morning. I like the battery usage element in Settings.
  27. Dakotapix

    How do I close a tab with IOS 8?

    I'm also unhappy about the lack of the little x when only one tab is open. The two finger gesture does indeed work well but it seems as though suddenly we are required to use one additional move to accomplish closing a tab when before it was a simple tap on an x. I prefer to use the icon view to...
  28. Dakotapix

    Need recommendations for iPad Air screen protector and case

    I don't use a screen protector but my Fintie case purchased through Amazon was low cost and very reliable. There are times when I wish it had a better stand but for the money at the time--price has gone up a bit--I'm very satisfied.
  29. Dakotapix

    Kindle books

    What is very nice about the Kindle App is that you don't have to download every book in your list, taking up storage space on your iPad Air. When you're done reading a title, you can remove it from your device but it is still available to read again if you like to do so.
  30. Dakotapix

    sending email

    The hard reset does not help. I do that regularly to free up memory. I did delete my account and set it up exactly as my wife's account. Didn't work. However, I solved the basic problem by setting "Default Account" to my iCloud account. That works. I still think the problem I've had stems from...
  31. Dakotapix

    sending email

    I'm having the same problem with my Mail account since upgrading to the iPad Air. My settings are the same as my wife's and hers works; mine don't and have not since I got the new iPad. I restored all my settings from a backup from my original iPad 1. I'm wondering if this has anything to do...
  32. Dakotapix


    I just went through this same problem and can verify that syncing Safari with another computer was the problem. I just turned over a MacBook Pro to my son and he was deleting all my old bookmarks. Problem was solved after turning off the Sync for Safari via iCloud on the iPad Air. I should point...
  33. Dakotapix

    Printing Software

    Upon further review, the iPad App did work for me so my $2.99 plus tax for the App was not wasted. Did not realize that this a Clipboard based program. Sometimes things work despite my best efforts to foul them up.
  34. Dakotapix

    Printing Software

    Thanks for the reply.i downloaded Printer Pro Desktop to my iMac and noted the little printer icon that appears at the top of the menu bar. I selected the Bonjour Hp 309 printer. The iMac is running Os10.8 Maverick. The HP printer is not wired to the iMac but is on the home network. I also have...
  35. Dakotapix

    Printing Software

    I have the same HP printer as the original poster in this thread so I was interested in using this App (Printer Pro). Ran the test with the lite version and then bought the pro app. My main trouble now is in accessing the "Open In" menu. I can't seem to find it anywhere along the top of the...
  36. Dakotapix

    Wifi Sync

    That did it. Thanks very much for the help.
  37. Dakotapix

    Wifi Sync

    Back in the day of my original iPad 1 I was able to achieve a wireless syncing with my MacBook Pro. Then it stopped working and I forgot about it. I just tried it again with my new Air and the "Sync Now" button is grated out. Does this work and, if so,what am I missing? I'd appreciate your tips...
  38. Dakotapix

    Issues with Air

    My thoughts, exactly. I try not to be a conspiracy theorist but how trusting are we supposed to be?
  39. Dakotapix

    Who is iCloud?

    Note in the subject line that I'm not asking what is iCloud but rather WHO is managing this so-called wonderful offline storage now available to all computer users. Is it done by the major computer companies? I think I understand how it works but not necessarily the economics of this asset. Is a...