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  1. goduke

    [GIVEAWAY] Win an AirBender 2.0 Wireless Keyboard Case for iPad Air!

    I want to win the Airbender 2.0! Golden Time
  2. goduke

    Hi-end wireless headsets...

    I have Nokia Bluetooth headphones for my them.
  3. goduke

    iPad DJ Application

    Too cool
  4. goduke

    Do you believe , we are living an historical moment with the iPad ??

    4G is on the very near Horizon. The bandwidth between 3G and 4G will be bigger than 2G to 3G. QCOM and IDCC have already submitted 100's of pattens. JMO, Duke
  5. goduke

    Introduction Message from Duke

    Hi everyone. Looking forward to the more speculation...some serious discussions of the pro and cons. I personally feel that the PAD will be very big..bigger than some of the its critics seem to think. Goduke