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    Thanks folks....I appreciate it
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    Anyone know if you can import google contacts to the contacts on the iPad? Thanks
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    How do you see Apple killing Android forever ?

    It funny this war of android vs I whatever. Both have strengths and weaknesses. I like the android platform because I enjoy playing with custom roms and other stuff. As far as importing your iTunes to android. Download double twist on your desktop and phone/tablet (free in the market) it will...
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    Portable charger

    Thanks I am looking at the 11000ma battery. Happy Easter to all
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    Portable charger

    I guess my terminology was wrong...external battery. So the 54000ma will charge the iPad 3? I wasn't sure of what ma's I needed. I have 3600(?) I use for my phone but it wasn't strong enough for the pad. Thanks
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    Portable charger

    Is anyone using a protable charger with their new iPad. I use my tablet to keep my daughters softball teams stats there are days when we are at the ballpark for 12-14hrs. Thanks
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    iPad background photos YOU took!

    How do i upload from the iPad3?
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    Mobile Hotspots Need advice ASAP please

    I use my droid x As my hotspot.
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    my impression of Griffin Survivor case....

    After purchasing my ip3 saturday, sunday I picked up the Griffen Survivor case thinking I would need something good and strong to protect my investment and I am at the softball fields where I do the stats for my daughters travel team. This is only my thoughts. Pros: The case is a beast! it is...
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    Power point

    Thanks folks...
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    Power point

    Thanks for the information. I will look into both. I have had keynote mentioned to me and I have used QuickOffice on my android tablet and it didn't work out too well, but maybe in the iOS it will? I do have dropbox. I appreciate both of your answers and will look into both of these apps...
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    Power point

    Hello, new to iOS. I am in the process of developing power point presentation I am giving in a couple of months. Is there an app available that will allow me to use and edit my work on both my win 7 and on my iPad 3? I will have to save in power point format. Thanks
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    2048 x 2048 Retina the new iPad wallpapers download

    Nice wall papers...anyone know if there are some Golding motorcycle wall paper? Thx
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    If you are new, please post an introduction thread.

    Hello....not sure what to put here. This is my first "I" product. I hope I can use it to its potential. To be honest I am a true android guy just because I like the open platform. BUT I am open to iOS. Hope to make a few friends and learning from the more seasoned users. Thanks!! Oops I have...