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    App upgrades

    Thanks, I still think that the Apps Store should be able to allow users to delete any unwanted updates. Surely that would not be difficult. It's not as if we have to pay for the update so they would not be losing any income.
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    Apps updates

    Thanks for that. Followed your link but think I will either stay with the red badge or give in and apply the update. Can't understand the Apps store thinking on this, surely should be reasonably simple to have a No Thanks button linked to an update. Thanks again for your help, anyway.
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    Apps updates

    How do I delete an unwanted app update from my update screen? Cannot see a way to get rid of an update other than installing it. Please help have iPad2 and don't want to use up space by updating apps to run on new iPad3 screen.
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    App upgrades

    Do not want to upgrade some of the apps on my iPad 2 just to meet the needs of the iPad 3 screen. How do I manage to cancel them? I presently have about 4 already sitting waiting for me to upgrade and can't find how to say thanks but no thanks and get rid of them on my upgrade screen.
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    Hi I have just connected a H.P. 3070a printer via my router wifi to my iPad2. Printer cost $109 N.Z and took me about 15 mins from out of box to set it up. It worked straight away and now so long as the router and the printer are on then it is a simple two clicks to print. you need to check...
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    Replying to mail

    Thanks for that help. Much appreciated.
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    Replying to mail

    CAn anyone tell me how to reply to mail without including the original message. I know you can not include any attachment but would like to be able to reply using a 'clean' page. Thanks.
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    New User

    Hi I am a new user and am looking for some ideas re the best option printer to buy for air print. Can now print from my iPad via the computer but want a basic stand alone printer which I can access directly from my iPad without having to have mt computer switched on. Any ideas. Thanks.