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    Printing from Ipad 1 - any advances in gear?

    Just answered my own question with Printopia - now working fine with Canon Pixma 4500.
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    Printing from Ipad 1 - any advances in gear?

    I've no need to change my old Ipad 1. It works perfectly and has a chunky feel to it that later models don't have. When they first appeared it was difficult to print from them due to the lack of gear available. I wonder if anything has changed. For example has anyone invented a plug-in gadget...
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    Dropbox for ipad 1

    Have you contacted dropbox to see if they can help?
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    syncing iPad with Ibooks

    It used to be simple to sync Itunes with the iPad including all my books and Pdfs, Now everything has moved to Ibooks on Mavericks it seems to be impossible to get books and particularly PDF workshop manuals onto the pad. Any suggestions gratefully received.
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    Getting programmes onto TV from iPad.

    Our broadband is so slow we cannot stream TV programmes. So i download onto the pad and watch them in 'small vision'. Is it possible to transfer these to the TV (possibly via the Humax Sat receiver) or some other way with a different gadget. Thanks, Peter
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    First ever problem with Ipad 1.

    I was wrong! Now furiously apologising to my Ipad for accusing it of going wrong. Turned out to be the Netgear Wi-Fi extender. After posting the above I decided to try switching to the main Wi-Fi (don't know why!) and everything again worked perfectly. Switched off the extender and switched it...
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    First ever problem with Ipad 1.

    I've had my Pad since they first came out and this is the first time I have had a problem. When I try to log into Itunes I get the message:- Followed by "password will be sent in the clear. Followed by username and password boxes. Whatever I put into the boxes this just...
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    Is there a way to mark all Emails as read?

    Is there a way to mark all Emails as read? I am getting really fed up with having to open each one individually even if it is of no interest. Thanks.
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    iPad GPS

    Going back a few posts. Do the US military really allow their ground troops to use their mobile cell phones on patrol! The Taliban must really love being able to trace exactly where they are at any time!
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    How to use Dvorak layout in iPad?

    If they won't add the most essential item of arrow keys then I can't see them adding something that many people have never heard of.
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    Facetime keeps dropping sound

    Talking to my mate in Oz on his Ipad2, I'm on my Imac and after a short period he can't hear me although I can hear him. Vision remains fine. Any ideas on what this could be?
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    Ios 5 keybord

    Does he mean splitting it in half? Place your hands on the keys and pull outwards.
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    can we print from the ipad???

    I'd like to see a tiny dedicated battery powered portable mono printer for the Ipad.
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    Enabling "Secret" Multitasking Gestures on the iPad 1

    Whoo, Whoo, Whoo, as you US chappies say! Got my gestures back on Ipad1 thanks to the latest instructions on page 1 of this listing. Many thanks, very pleased and I now love my Pad again!
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    iOS5 worth the update?

    IOS 5 deliberately made Ipad 1 obsolete - Thanks Apple!
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    iOS5 First Impressions

    Originally Posted by PCUK A total rip-off for Ipad 1. They've made it seem like an obsolete old slug without the gestures compared with 2 . Cynical marketing ploy? If you had the gestures via Xcode you will miss them terribly as I do. Shame on you Apple! Maybe you should have waited for...
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    iOS5 First Impressions

    Always has charged but at a very low rate so it didn't know it was being charged!!!
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    iOS5 First Impressions

    A total rip-off for Ipad 1. They've made it seem like an obsolete old slug without the gestures compared with 2 . Cynical marketing ploy? If you had the gestures via Xcode you will miss them terribly as I do. Shame on you Apple!
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    Screwed by Apple

    Apple have really screwed Ipad 1. users by not putting in the multi-tasking gestures. No doubt a cynical ploy to market Ipad 2!!! I'm gutted and hope to be able to go back to 4.3 as the gestures are more useful than anything else new in 5.
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    IOS5 uk

    18.02 Nothing yet!
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    Bluetooth GPS

    There you go then, Straight from the horses mouth! BadElf works with all Ipads - I must say it is well worth the money. Mine is used for both sea and land navigation.
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    Bluetooth GPS

    Bad Elf isn't Bluetooth!
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    Ipad 3....What would you like to see or predict for the next model.

    There is only one thing needed - for Apple to accept that many people want their Ipad to replace their laptop so the first thing is a proper keyboard like Heartwriter uses perhaps. Then connection to an external hard drive and more processing power. The toys for geeks (like cameras and film...
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    Multitasking Gestures

    Gestures and battery power Since I added the gestures my battery power drops rapidly. Anyone else noticed a big change in power consumption? It is serious enough for me to consider removing the gestures.
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    Ipad 3....What would you like to see or predict for the next model.

    All I want is cursor arrows and a forward delete on the keyboard. Not too much to ask, is it? Oh, and a tiny compatible portable printer!
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    Tiny portable printer wanted

    To compliment the Ipad I would like a tiny mono ink jet airprint printer that is so small it has no paper tray. Just a slot to feed in a single sheet and print something off. Surely someone else must have thought of this and that it would sell by the million if cheap enough. Anyone else...
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    Sending Email from a different wifi

    I've now set up the gmail, so for the number of times I need to send Email from the Pad I think that will be fine. Cheers, Peter
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    Sending Email from a different wifi

    Thanks both of you. I've got a Google account but never used it, so I'll have to go back and see about getting that to work. Thanks again, Peter
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    Sending Email from a different wifi

    If I send email from the Ipad at home using my own Wifi it goes immediately with no problems but if I try to send from my mates when I'm away it won't send and flags up an error message something like "smtp server not available" Any ideas please? Peter
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    No fine pointed styluses?

    I would like a test model in the UK Please. Thanks, Peter
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    Create your own iPad

    Seems you want everything from the author copyright wise.
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    No fine pointed styluses?

    Forget the patent, they are worthless unless you can afford a fortune in patent insurance. Speaking from grim experience!!! Get it on the market and make a killing before others step in. There's always room for more than one manufacturer, just keep yours cheapest and best!
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    3G and Email

    You can use a mobile phone to broadcast an ad hoc wifi network which more or less does the same job as the 3G Ipad.
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    iPad Repair?

    That's rotten luck! In the UK, something like that would be covered on the household (contents) insurance. Don't know about the US but have you checked your household policy? Cheers, Peter
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    First real use of Ipad

    Bought the Pad cos' I wanted one. Mainly for Email while away and it looked nicer than a laptop. Now for the first time I have used it for real. Bought 24 workshop manuals for boat engines on disk and loaded them onto the pad. Yesterday sitting in the cockpit of a boat scrolling through to find...
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    Odd behaviour with compact flash card

    Took some pics and copied them onto the Pad. Put the card back in the camera and got a message saying card not initialised, so couldn't use the card again. Out in a smartmedia card and took some more pics. Same thing happened. PIcs all safely copied onto pad but unable to use card in camera...
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    How to get Pdf onto Ipad

    The thing is, when I sync with Itunes it shows everything to be in place on the Pad and doesn't re-sync it. I thinks it's just not showing up in IBooks although it's all there. Cancel the above, they've all come back! I think there was a problem with it trying to import a corrupt file. All OK...
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    How to get Pdf onto Ipad

    I'll have a look at Goodreader, thanks. Next problem! Having opened one of the Pdf's I found not all pages were there. Now my entire Ibooks library appears to be empty, no books, Pdf's or anything.
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    How to get Pdf onto Ipad

    Thanks for all the replies. The Email idea is good but not for such large files. How do I do it through ITunes? couldn't find a way to see the PDf files within Itunes. What an idiot I am!!! Just looked in Itunes again and realised all I need to do is to open the file in Itunes and then sync'...
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    How to get Pdf onto Ipad

    Is there a quicker way to get a Pdf technical manual (1.6gb) onto the Ipad than using Dropbox. Thanks, Peter