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    Exchanging my iPad

    Thanks for the idea..... that will save me some time and hassle. Don
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    Exchanging my iPad

    I bought my new iPad (wifi only) 10 days ago. I didn't do enough research to see that this model wasn't GPS capable. Now the store I purchased it from is saying that because I have turned the unit on and registered it that they won't take it back for an exchange to the 4G. Any thoughts on how I...
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    I finally found a good screen protector - Power Suport

    How is it in full sun outside trying to read an ebook? I need to buy one and I'm now doing the searching. Thanks Don
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    GPS ability with the iPad3 wifi only

    Does the new iPad have the ability to perform as a true GPS? The developer for xmotion is saying this new iPad doesn't have the GPS chip set required. Are they correct? Thanks Don
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    Downloading a new ebook from Barnes and Nobles failing

    I'll admit first off that I'm a new iPAD 3 user so this could be just me..... Last night using my new iPAD, using Safari to download a new ebook from Barnes and Noble website, after selecting the book I selected download but never got the confirmation pop-up. I get the pop-up with using my...