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  1. winwaed

    EcoMap Costa Rica 2010

    For the trips with students we arrange a minibus (van in US English), but for the vacation trip we rented from Toyota who have their own rental operation. The Hacienda we stayed at the first night arranged it, so the Toyota guy came by the first morning at breakfast time. The short walk...
  2. winwaed

    EcoMap Costa Rica 2010

    3G may work, but I switched it off incase of high roaming fees. ie. I was limited to wifi, but I knew I would have wifi at the main place we stay at. for navigation, the GPS will work, but there weren't any suitable routing systems when I looked. This may have changed. Note, however that both...
  3. winwaed

    My iPad can now print!

    And what about printing web pages? When you email a webpage from safari it is (sensibly) sent as a URL. Also not sure if I have space for a second printer - especially one which will probably have a short life. Richard
  4. winwaed

    New apps developments

    There are some very good commercial reasons a developer might not share their application ideas. Very different to someone asking for support but not know what they are having a problem with! Richard
  5. winwaed

    When to charge?

    The myths and stories get complicated because there are many different rechargeable chemistries (even "non-rechargeables" can be recharged under some circumstances - but you will need a specially built charger to do the job - ie. don't do it unless you fully understand what you are doing)...
  6. winwaed

    International travel with the ipad

    The standard Apple charger is rated for European 220-230V, so you just need a plug adapter. I find travel adapters often have short lives - cheaply built but sold at a premium. I would buy one that looks to be solidly built, rather than one that claims to support a hundred countries. Richard...
  7. winwaed

    Apple will Eventually Issue Patch for Wi-Fi Issues

    This doesn't fix the problem. I have a Verizon Ultraline Series 3 9100EM. I've switched this to WPA2 and switched it from b&g to 'g' only. Still drops the wifi. (yes I restarted the router). It seems to drop it less often, but we'll see if that lasts... Everyone would have been tarring and...
  8. winwaed

    Airport Screening

    Well about 3 weeks ago I flew from DFW to Jan Jose (Costa Rica) and return - both legs via Atlanta, and none of them bothered. We also had a Trimble field computer, netbook, Kindle, and conventional laptop - we took all out except the Kindle and the iPad. Richard
  9. winwaed

    Learn Objective-C or hire a programmer on

    Most definitely! The microISV world is full of me-too software. Even if yours is the best, why enter an already crowded marketplace?
  10. winwaed

    Adobe Replies to Steve Jobs’ “Thoughts on Flashâ€

    That is exactly what it is about - controlling the platform and the delivery medium (Apple gets a cut from every AppStore sale). Flash is merely a poster child. I couldn't care less about Flash but I do care about platform issue. It killed Apple in the 80s and Jobs wants to do it again...
  11. winwaed

    Learn Objective-C or hire a programmer on

    There's also a big difference being a half decent programmer and producing a product that sells. Don't be surprised if your first product is a damp squib - that is common (the norm?), but learn from your mistakes and make a decent second product that people want! Programming isn't the only...
  12. winwaed

    This forum and Cookies?

    I found that setting the time zone for your log-in, largely fixed this problem. Looks like the forum was getting confused between your browser's reported time and the server's clock.
  13. winwaed

    The Keyboard Dilemma

    This one with the case? I see Amazon list three "Freedom Pro Bluetooth" keyboards(!) and it isn't immediately obvious what the differences are. Is it working okay, no problems? Negative comments concern possible flimsy construction and significant typing lag on some systems (2 seconds is...
  14. winwaed

    The Keyboard Dilemma

    Cherhall: Sure, but there's a certain amount of guesswork as to how a new product like this will be used. Look at all the naysayers who can't see the point of an iPad, and yet we're all finding new uses for it (at the moment mine is streaming a Netflix film). I tend to prefer full size...
  15. winwaed

    The Keyboard Dilemma

    Okay, I'm back from the Costa Rica project and I'm ready to buy those accessories I was holding off on. So I read up on them a bit more, and the official Apple accessories are quite a mismatched lot, aren't they? So much for all their design and "it just works". As I said elsewhere, my iPad was...
  16. winwaed

    Adobe Replies to Steve Jobs’ “Thoughts on Flashâ€

    I think Silverlight is nicer, more modern and sits on .NET. I've even coded a neat little temporal panoramic photo compared using it - and this was remarkably easy to do. Alas the iPad will probably never support it - a particular shame as it also supports multitouch. The whole Flash fuss is...
  17. winwaed

    EcoMap Costa Rica 2010

    As hinted in a few of my other posts, I shall be in Costa Rica later this week. This is the third year of the "Eco Map Costa Rica" project. My wife runs a Costa Rica ecology field trip for the University of Dallas. Each year students visit and study a rainforest restoration project, and measure...
  18. winwaed

    My perfect iPad. What would you change?

    Wifi that isn't dropped at every opportunity Open software system Wifi that doesn't "suck" Yes I'm having wifi problems!!! Richard
  19. winwaed

    Getting web map multi-touch working...

    Today I've been trying to get the EcoMap Costa Rica maps working on an iPad. At the moment, the Bing Maps JavaScript ('AJAX') control and OpenLayers do not support multi-touch. (Bing Maps Silverlight does but of course the iPad doesn't support Silverlight, and a Microsoft Surface won't fit in...
  20. winwaed

    Analyst Says iPad Will Have Slow Start in UK

    Isn't the above article just iterating standard business marketing for a new product, rather than a new iteration of an existing product? Initial sales are to early adopters and typically at a higher price. Over time, volume increases and price drops as the product matures. This is when it...
  21. winwaed

    First time in the wild... Some thoughts...

    We'll see what happens when we fly to Costa Rica on Friday with the students. We take a lot of tech gear with us - our carry on usually includes laptops, Trimble field computer, digital SLR+lenses. We usually take the Trimble out but the wife's Kindle usually stays packed away. Combined with...
  22. winwaed


    Yes I know some people have complained about the lack of apps, but all things considered, it is not bad at all. Perhaps I should write just such an app - only thing is time, learning Ojective-C/Cocoa, and requiring a Mac (all PCs here). Richard
  23. winwaed

    Hitchhiker's Guide Wallpaper

    :-) if Douglas Adams was still around, I'm sure he'd commission a hitchhiker's guide app - yes I've already looked.... (the AppStore only has ebooks so far) Richard (hand-tapped on my iPad)
  24. winwaed


    Hello all! As a bit of an intro, I run a micro-ISV that specialises in mapping software - especially for Microsoft MapPoint. I also run the GeoWebGuru website, and run the technical side of the Eco Map Costa Rica project - a Univ. of Dallas project that takes students to study a rainforest...
  25. winwaed

    How to port or make an iPad website or web app

    Link (and site root) are both broken with 403 or 404 errors? On the subject of writing iPad web-apps, O'Reilly have the book "Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS and JavaScript" by Jonathan Stark, which should be adaptable. Those familiar with the technologies will find it a quick read, but it...