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    iTunes music interface

    iVan, you are going to be disappointed. I have no idea why they would have used such a weak version of iTunes, but the iPad is NOT a good player for digital music -- and that was an important feature for me. I HOPE they'll upgrade it, at least to the existing versions of iTunes. By the way, I...
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    iTunes music interface

    No, that doesn't work. In fact, there ARE no columns. There is nothingntomclick on you have no control of themorganization, unlike iTunes on computers and every kind of iPod. Upon further exploration, I do notice that the songs seem to be listed in the order of the album they come from --...
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    iTunes music interface

    The organization of music in iTunes is dramatically altered and virtually worthless now. For example, if you organize your music by Genre, when you open the genre it shows alphabetically all the "songs" in that genre, not the artists. This is crazy. For example, if you open the Classical genre...