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  1. J

    iPad and USB flash memory card

    Things have changed I posted last year that it using the camera kit with a thumb drive and folder DCIM worked great. It did ... until the upgrade to iOS 4. Apple seriously limited the power that the connection port from ~900 mA to ~200 mA. Very few USB devices can operate at this low level...
  2. J

    iPad and USB flash memory card

    Lilman, Thank you. This was the simplest solution for importing pictures using flash thumb drive. Great work. You should have this solution marked by the moderators. It probably won't help anyone that wants to view any file type but it is way better for pictures if you don't want to connect to...
  3. J

    IPad could have been much better

    I like my Ipad. It is the simplest of them all; the 16GB Wifi only. It cost $500. Depending on how you view things, this may be way too much to pay or a bargain. After six months, I would say it would have been priced reasonably if Apple had incorporated features that are ubiquitous on most...