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    Retina iPad Mini to Launch This Year

    Totally can't justify the cost or true need. My iPad 3 goes to work and seminars with me, and I use it every night as well to check email and read news, weather, etc.Replying to email on a smaller screen size wouldn't suit me. The smaller size yeah, handy in a waiting room, or in a jacket pocket.
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    Ipad3 being recalled or no longer made?

    I have the iPad 3 as we call it here. I did notice that on the Apple Store and in other stores, only the iPad 2 and the new Lightning connector, shall we say "iPad 4" has been listed. However, Microcenter is still selling the 3, referring to it as "3rd Generation" and in fact, sells all of them...
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    Who Got An iPad for Christmas?

    I did. I got an iPad 3 from my spouse who got me my first one two years ago, and then the 2 earlier in 2012. I love all of them, but am enjoying the retina display so the 3 is now my favorite.
  4. Z

    Do you listen to music on your iPad?

    I said kinda as I do intermittently about the same amount as I do my iPhone. Most of my music time is in the car listening to Sirius or when I'm wrapping up at work and nobody is around, I have my laptop iTunes or some internet radio going. But at night I do sometimes use my iPad like an iPod.
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    Yes, Google is my thought too. It has easy sharing abilities. I use it all the time for sharing and it does great. You can then also use one of the calendar apps that adds even more efficiency, but the stock calendar app does suffice.
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    Official: Post where to get the best deals on new iPad (third gen)!

    Hmmm though. I did come up with this one at Walmart, where the better prices would be assumed. They want $399 for a refurb, (not new) white 16GB Wifi only which is actually $20 more than the Apple Store refurb. They also are out of stock as of this writing. And it seemed to be the best price I...
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    How many GB is your iPad?

    LOL. I see too even more iPad freaks than me! I have remained with 16GB always since I don't store movies and whole musical libraries there. My iPhone has about 2.5 left which is the highest amount used for me. iPad 3 has a little over 8 left since my videos aren't on it and some more things as...
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    Would you say the ipad 2 is considered old inferior technology now?

    I just got the 3 as an Xmas gift and I did notice the slight weight difference. I'm still using my 2 and just because I now have a 3 doesn't render the 2 suddenly junk to me being that it was and is performing exactly the same. I notice a little speed difference but not leaps and bounds in...
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    I don't know if this is the same exact issue, but what has happened to me once or twice is that I will have a bunch of apps that are sitting there saying "Waiting" and seem to go nowhere. I can't use the app concurrently. I have not been able to determine if it was just a matter of letting all...
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    Who's still sticking with the original iPad?

    LOL. Exactly. I don't see any bragging going on. Last time we checked, this is an iPad forum where we all have iPads that we enjoy talking about which would be the purpose of a forum! Bragging means a person is being haughty and vain. enjoying the use of one's existing device is not vain. This...
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    Who's still sticking with the original iPad?

    Same here, with the exception that I still have my iPad 1 but haven't used it in a bit. I use my 2 on a daily basis. I take it to work meetings and handwrite notes using Paper Desk. I type notes in Docs to Go and a Dexim BT keyboard. My internet speed is fantastic. I am a techno junkie galore...
  12. Z

    Jury awards Apple more than $1B, finds Samsung infringed

    Both have billions upon billions in revenue. Samsung makes as we know, numerous electronic products, cameras, etc. Android phones/tablets ets are just one part. Apple we know makes billions. I read the article and in an of itself, copyright infringement is what it is, and any other product out...
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    Do I need an iPad?

    I agree that it is not necessarily a "need" but more the "gotta have", LOL. Be that as it may, it is definitely a tool to me in the fact that it is portable. I have brought it to take notes in place of toting my Macbook. I have a BT keyboard that converts to a netbook like experience. I am just...
  14. Z

    Syncing Ipad on 2 different computers

    As I'm a good forum member who does a search as opposed to create a new thread, I am resurrecting this one. This is exactly what I plan to do, and yes, the now existent iCloud is how, as well as just one CD in my 2nd computer iTunes that I want to move over (although I can just burn the CD to my...
  15. Z

    Tried a screen protector but disgarded it.

    Have one on iPad 1 and iPhone, but decided not to on my iPad 2. I keep the smart cover on mine and tucked in a drawer safely when not in use. iPhone is a different story as its use is in different a scenario.