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Recent content by Zardoz

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    Battery Care

    Try and not do Full cycle charging also there is no need to charge 100% every time running 90 to 40% is best as always you might have some venation and that's fine. if you are going to storage the unit charge it to about mid level.
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    Sync And Charge On A PC?

    I have seen that the iPad does charge on USB but it, at a very slow rate if it tells you it's not charging it still might be charging ( but very slow) I have also see one motherboard maker (gigabyte) that is putting a feature on it's motherboard where one of the USB ports has the ability to...
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    *WARNING* 3G service

    Lol, 250MB is nothing, now if it was 250GB it would be much better, anyways get the unlimited 250 MB is not goi got be enough....
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    what happen to my ipad?

    I agree with Rowan go see a genius no way normal
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    Reasons the iPad is Better than a Netbook

    Funny this is posted as I just sold my net book tonight. I stopped using it after I got the iPad. The ipad does much more of what I like then The net book could ever do.
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    Is there a point of having an iPad if you own an iPhone

    I have an iPhone and iPad and use both. The iPhone is for whe I don't have the iPad with Me and most for phone and location apps. iPad is for web and media, but I can fall back to iPhone if needed.
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    Stupid Question? Is screen burn in a concern?

    Screen burn in can happen but you would need it on the same screen for a long time ( hours ). It is slim that you will get it on. The iPad.
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    do you keep your ipad with you at all time now

    I find myself taking it out more often then I expected to do so.
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    A little different iPad question.....

    Yeah look for myfi or something like it sprint is mifi. But is like a tether device.
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    How to Organize the Apps?

    Not as of yet, iPhone 4 os will add folders and will be a welcome site for me.
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    WIFI Problems

    I have the sleep problem only sometimes, I justmhave to go reconnect. Not to big of an issue for me, i would not give up on apple as of yet relese 4 is going to be big and who knows what will happen then.
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    Yes it has a mic and works well...
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    Auto clear google search bar in safari?

    I don't thick there is way way to do that, I just tab out and close that tab and start a new one
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    iPod Thefts vs. iPad Thefts

    Ipads are a very big target, is it bigger, I would say yes for right now due to it,s so new.
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    What size iPad did you buy? And how much space are you using?

    I have a 16GB I use the iPad mostly for web and Internet and less for multi media I am using about 5GB right now as I did but a full copy of avatar on it, so I am not real hungry for space ...