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Recent content by Zane Barker

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    $100 Replacement Coverage

    If you are referring to buying Apple Care for the iPad, I would definitely get it. Apple Care covers basically anything other then physical or liquid damage for the duration of the Apple Care.
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    Office applications for the iPad?

    Somebody did NOT watch the keynote.
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    Apple's iPad Battery Replacement Policy

    This is NOTHING new and is COMPLETELY expected. Apple does not have changeable batteries on iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Laptops for several reasons. One is style, another is having removable batteries makes the device bigger, and finally with a non removable battery Apple can use newer battery...
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    WiFi VS. WiFi + 3G Release

    I would NOT say that apple put off the WiFi. 3 Days is hardly a delay. Why not Apple has done it before. Remember the iPhone? It was announced 6 months prior to release. They let even more time between announcement and launch that time because it was such a new type of device that FCC...
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    No phone ??

    You really want a 10" screen on your phone? NOT PRACTICAL AS A PHONE.
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    WiFi VS. WiFi + 3G Release

    This is my guess as to why two different release dates. In case you are not aware there is this thing called the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) that has to give approval on all things communication. And seeing as the iPad with WiFi+3G will have more communication capabilities...
  7. Z

    Professional use for The IPAD

    But you can literally list just about any profession there is out there, so there is NO deed to ask for people to list them off. For example Tooth Pick Carver he can watch videos on the latest tooth pick carving techniques. There is just no reason why you need to list all the professions...
  8. Z

    Professional use for The IPAD

    Why do you think they need to be listed? The iPad could be used by anyone in any profession. I even met a blind min once who used an iPhone, he got amazing battery life to as he didn't have to worry about screen brightness.
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    Idea for another use for the Ipad

    There are already several iPhone apps that let you control your computer, and VNC only needed if you need to see what is on the computer on the iPhone/iPad. I currently use both a VNC type app for when I am away form the Mac Mini I have connected to my TV, but when home I use a different app...
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    iPad Security

    The iphone already has pass code perfection so I dont see why the iPad would not. But I also do not think it is good to keep secrets from your wife.
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    What really annoy you with Apple

    Thats a legal thing, if you dont under stand it go talk to a lawyer. Completely wrong, have you not noticed the amount of space that is saved my using the mini display port. That much space saved makes for BIG differences in internal engineering.
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    Idea for another use for the Ipad

    I COMPLETELY disagree just because ir physically looks like a large iphone does not mean it is one. Take for example the iWork apps that were demoed during the keynote for the iPad, running those on an iPhone would be a horrible experience. The people I know are NOT planing on purchasing the...
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    (I say I hold hope only because when I have done contract work within Best Buys, many times employees, especially Geek Squad, will make comments on technologies that I am more aware of and just ignore their ignorance and behave as they thought I should.) So hopefully this one was speaking from...
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    Idea for another use for the Ipad

    Apple does NOT team up with people to makes apps, that is why they release an SDK (software Development Kit) to developers. If the NFL wants to do something that is completely up to them, NOT apple.