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  1. york2

    So not fair!

    Can you check other stores? On a whim, I called the local Best Buy to see if they had any in stock, and surprisingly, they did. So, at lunchtime, I picked it up. Canceled my order with Apple right after I paid for it.
  2. york2

    .pdf file issue

    I've seen this a couple of times. What I did was to print the original pdf file to a pdf file. Unfortunately, this made my pdf really large.
  3. york2

    Why does iPhoto open when I sync my iPad?

    To stop any camera opening iPhoto: Go to Preferences (in iPhoto) Select the General option (at the top) On the Connecting Camera opens option, select no application
  4. york2

    Skooba iPad messenger bag ROCKS!

    kailuahoosier, I know this is a couple of months late, but I just bought a Maxpedition 1.5" shoulder pad for the strap of my bag. Fits perfectly, and now I have a padded shoulder strap.
  5. york2

    How Many Apple Products Do You Own?

    I have 20-25 products right now. My first Mac was the 512Ke that I bought new in '86.
  6. york2

    Ipad problem Can't get past agreement

    Does she have the latest version of iTunes?
  7. york2

    Pages, Numbers and Keynote Updates to v. 1.1

    I see that they have updated Pages, Numbers and Keynote to v. 1.1. Looks like some new language support and other fixes.
  8. york2

    hide mail icon?

    How about turning off your email accounts while someone else is using the iPad? You can do this by going to Settings and selecting Mail,Contacts, Calendars. Go to each non-MobileMe account and change the Account option to Off. Go to your MobileMe option, and turn the Mail option to Off...
  9. york2

    Does it seem odd to you that there is no iPad iTunes?

    How about the iTunes icon?
  10. york2

    Find my iPad on MobileMe?

    Yes. Set it up in the Settings / Mail, Contacts, Calendar option. Select your MobileMe email account then set the Find My iPad option to On.
  11. york2

    iPad camera connection kit

    Here's one from iLounge.
  12. york2

    trouble syncing ipad to itunes

    Have you indicated in iTunes what you want to have synced? In iTunes under Devices (listed on the left side), select your iPad. You should see across the top of the iTunes screen, a list of tabs (Summary, Info, Apps...). Click on each of the tabs and make your selections of what you want...
  13. york2

    I received my shipping notification!!

    Mine is now in Newark, NJ. It was in Middletown, PA this morning (about 15 miles away from me), but I guess it wanted to take a road trip.
  14. york2

    I received my shipping notification!!

    Mine said it's in Middletown, PA
  15. york2

    I received my shipping notification!!

    Just received my e-mail. By 3:00 pm tomorrow.:D