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    IPad 2 dac vs 3,4 & mini dac?

    I know the ipad 2 uses dac from iphone 4 which is the superior of the iphones and ipad? But can someone find me or do a benchmark for ipad 3 vs the 2 ,4, and mini? Ipad 4 & mini's dac: Cirrus logic audio 338s1116 Ipad 2 dac: Cirrus logic audio 338s0940 Why I didnt say anything...
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    Ifile music transfer between computer and ipad

    Once you installed PWNtunes, you should register it first, it should be in the settings somewhere. Then once you registered it. There will be a folder that is made located in var/mobile/media/my music directory. You can go to this directory using the free app iFile from Cydia. Make "My Music"...
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    I device help

    Are you copying files like from iFile music directory of the iPad? There is also a setting to change the music to its proper names or folders to its names instead of 01 02 03 04. Or a pc program that can extract your music from your ios device. Search iPod to PC and more programs will do what...
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    Redirect iPod app to access camera connection kit

    I'm sure the music app does not allow external sources other than in its library. You can try other music player alternatives or try tweaks described below. You can use Bridge a recent tweak that helps you import your music from your Storage Device from CCK. Using iFile you can move the music to...
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    Using External Storage Devices with the iPad

    Thanks! That's what happens when your iPhone 4 gets outdated by the iPad. Looking forward to more experiments so I can guide it all up!
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    Using External Storage Devices with the iPad

    CCK can't see exfat format SD cards. But it is only compatible to SDHC and below as far as I know. Other storages can transfer wirelessly through exfat though with a bigger cap. Yes you should try the air stash or Kingston wifi device listed. Very simple and it both comes with an app and...
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    Using External Storage Devices with the iPad

    Dropbox is using their own server. Using your own server will speed things up. Then you can upload online. It is faster with your own (server) storage. Reguardless of how many gigs you have for dropbox
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    Using External Storage Devices with the iPad

    File transfer of over 4gigs can be done over any storage with exfat format.
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    Using External Storage Devices with the iPad

    Like post above mentioned. The wifi transfers very fast through wifi because it creates it's own network. USB setting works if you donate yes. It's a toggle which is easy as on or off but with delay.
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    Howdy From The Soon-To-Be-Frozen North

    Hey welcome to the forums! That advice above will help your issues!
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    Which harddrive for Ipad3 ?? Help

    What is the price in USD range you are looking for? I know mobile terminal is confusing, but have you tried the USB Toggle tweak as well? If CloudFTP (100$ USD) is too expensive (with 25$ shipping atleast for international). The one that has cheap options are the Kingston WiDrive which is more...
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    Question for Those Who Had Jailbreak, then Upgraded to iOS6

    ios6 Maps new feature, turn by turn. Siri with new sports restaurant add on, facebook clogation, shared photostreams to get you in trouble by your wife, fianance, or gf, passbook to keep multiple apps integrated into one, facetime over cellular service without 3g unrestrictor, phone calling...
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    Using External Storage Devices with the iPad

    Dang. Well have you experienced crashing while leaving the music played? Are you going to get a similar system set up for your car too?
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    Using External Storage Devices with the iPad

    Give the mobile terminal way a try. No it does not do that to my iPad. Although I don't have USB hub to try. Maybe one of our posters will give you feedback once he's back.
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    1TB HDD on iPad2 - step by step guide - Camera Connection Kit

    Try a different wall power adapter not for mac. It might have restrictions on how much the hard drive needs. Also try switching the cables around. Few cables have been marked that some are designated to be power and one for data. Some don't. Also try with another portable hard drive if you can...