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  1. Yarrenbool

    Does the iPad print?

    If you don't have an AirPrint enabled printer there is another solution that works very well. On a Windows machine install a program called "FingerPrint" which will allow you to print to any printer(s) attached to that Windows machine or any network printer that the Windows machine can access...
  2. Yarrenbool Giveaway! Win a JBL Venue LT Speaker

    Great information for a bit-above-novice user looking for help and more ways to get more out of the iPad! A very useful resource.
  3. Yarrenbool

    notetaking app that i can use on IPAD, and then can access on my pc (windows 7)

    Evernote for sure. It may take you several uses of it before you realise just part of its potential, don't give up on it too soon. Evernote is my core, but just recently I've been using Drafts for actually writing my notes then using Drafts' built-in option to send a note to Evernote which...
  4. Yarrenbool

    Using an iPad 3G while travelling in the USA - a review

    You might perhaps try RoamMobility.Com It is specifically designed for Canadians travelling to the States but might perhaps also work in your case. Worth contacting them to see. Their prices are reasonable for us Canadians when compared to what Canadian companies charge us for roaming in the...
  5. Yarrenbool

    No sound on ios6?

    . Add me to those who have lost system sounds on my iPad after upgrading to iOS 6. I tried the recommendations above, no success. Anyone else got more suggestions to recover system sounds?
  6. Yarrenbool

    What time will IOS 6 come out

    12:42 pm EDT and currently downloading ios6 to my iPad!
  7. Yarrenbool

    Emails on iPad with .pps attachments?

    Thanks! Actually I feel pretty stupid, I normally use Atomic Browser and just never thought to try Safari.
  8. Yarrenbool

    Emails on iPad with .pps attachments?

    How does one view email attachments that come with attachments that have a .pps filename extension? I understand they're PowerPoint Slideshow files but how does one view them on an iPad?
  9. Yarrenbool

    Winnipeg jets fan living in Australia

    Geelong Cats fan living in Canada! Well, used to be a Cats fan but haven't been following them much for some time. You've got to admit that Aussie Rules is a lot more fun than all those concussions with hockey! Nothing like a finals game at the MCG with 100,000+ fans!:D And I still...
  10. Yarrenbool

    Who wants to write on his own photo??

    To answer your question, until today I would have said "Captions", with the green icon, more features than the one with the blue icon, by BigBluePixel. However as of today I'd have to recommend "Skitch" by the folks who produce Evernote. Skitch is free, does not have as many features as...
  11. Yarrenbool

    What would you like to see in IOS 6?

    . Incorporation of . . . . SWYPE ! ! ! .
  12. Yarrenbool

    Very small email notification annoyance

    Its a small annoyance, but ... ... ... When a new email arrives the bar at the very top of the screen rolls over to give a brief summary of the email, stays there for a second or two, then rolls away, THEN there's a sound played. What happens with me is that I don't notice the roll...
  13. Yarrenbool

    Evernote Question

    Does the encryption work within the iPad version of Evernote? I've tried to use encryption within Evernote iPad but can't see how to do it.
  14. Yarrenbool

    Why it would be neat to have Microsoft Office on the iPad

    I guess it all depends what you mean by "the app". If you look at the Apple app it's actually $30; it's $10 for each of the three (3) parts that make up the equivalent of "MS Office". Will MS end up by releasing "Office", or will they release several separate portions, Word, Excell...
  15. Yarrenbool

    How do I teather with my nolia n8?

    I can confirm that JoikuSpot (I have the "Pro" version) works fantastically to tether an iPad to a Nokia N8! In fact I took my Nokia N8 to the local Apple Store and insisted on testing it out with JoikuSpot and an iPad before I'd buy the iPad. The folks at the Apple store were totally open...