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    ipad bluetooth keyboard

    I recently bought a bluetooth keyboard / case for the ipad2. While its great for things like this, or emails, etc.. in safari i cant quite figure out how to scroll. Is this possible?
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    Sane Photo App For Ipad?

    Look up "Photo-Sort". Very nice software. Create your own folders, import from the Photos app, sort and move things around and yes....even delete:). oh and password protection.
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    Google Voice on ipad?

    Anyone got this to work? It appears it only works with the iphone. We need a way to spoof the browser to appear as a Mac desktop version of Safari. Guess Ill keep Skype for a bit longer...
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    Apple - Antitrust violation?

    Folks, read this: Magnuson-Moss and Sherman & Clayton Antitrust Law acts This act basically states that a manufacturer can not imply a contract with you to purchase only their consumable products, and not doing so voids your warranty. Often cited in the inkjet refill industry (so printer...
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    watch live TV on ipad

    chexk out tversity. stream video and music to your ipad. the pro version lets you stream hulu and more
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    OT:Ipod touch date problem

    sorry for the off tpoic post, but i have a jb'ed ipod touch, 2nd gen, and it has a date set in the year 1970. when i go to general->time and date, only the time can be changed. the date button does nothing. any ideas? without a correct date, it will not allow access to the app store. i tried...
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    iTunes: How to change sync settings without connecting device?

    I need to stop itunes from syncing my contacts. But to do this, I need to edit the sync settings before i plug the device in. But those settings arent available until after youve plugged the device in.. chicken, meet egg. Any ideas on how to do this?
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    Mail folders?

    im connected to gmail and my gmail folders show up with no issue. i guess its all about the server.
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    iPad web-based app kit

    Hey folks, Im a web developer, so naturally I wanted to play with the ipads ability to run web apps as if they were native applications. Ive uploaded a very simple framework for building web apps that look like ipad native apps. Its really early but thought you might want to see it in action...
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    syncing with google contacts

    i have my contacts set up to sync with google when i connect to itunes. i noticed today that all of my new contacts that i edited on my ipad were gone after syncing. is this a one way sync? kind of defeats the purpose
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    Alternative photo app?

    once you get a new photo app, is it possible to remove the old one?
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    Help! Synchronization of photos

    probably unrelated, but i hate having to do this via itunes. all i want to do is copy some pictures from a harddrive to my device. I dont want to "sync" anything. ive resorted to emailing my pictures and then saving them. still on the edge when it comes to jailbreaking, but little annoyances...
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    hi from TN, USA

    Not much to say about myself.. i work in IT, and love the ipad. I have the 64gb 3g model.