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  1. xardoz

    Anybody's Ipad Air 2 shipped yet?

    You order a Cellular model or WiFi only?
  2. xardoz

    Anybody's Ipad Air 2 shipped yet?

    No love for me, still preparing for shipment. Tomorrow is the 24th so I would think I should be getting a tracking number at the latest today unless they are going to miss their 22-24th window.
  3. xardoz

    Anybody's Ipad Air 2 shipped yet?

    Well I guess this is progress "Preparing for Shipment"
  4. xardoz

    Who's planning on buying the iPad Air2?

    Interesting if true:
  5. xardoz

    Anybody's Ipad Air 2 shipped yet?

    No change in mine....
  6. xardoz

    Att unlimited plan from air 1 to new air 2

    I am in the same boat. When I went from IPad 1 to Ipad 2 I did not change SIM cards I just logged in here (link below) and put the new info in for the new one, I am hoping its as simple as that this time. AT&T IPad data plan site:
  7. xardoz

    What time will the store start taking orders for the Ipad Air 2

    Assume you folks might have been through this, last time I got an Ipad was my Ipad 2 time to upgrade..... what time does the store open? 12:01am West coast time tonight?
  8. xardoz

    Lagging / Freezing / IOS 8 ??

    No it doesn't, but I am just one data point would be nice to hear some configs of those that think the new OS has mostly the same interface response. Believe me I would have rather left it on because there maybe some app updates that require it or some such at some point, but it was just too...
  9. xardoz

    Lagging / Freezing / IOS 8 ??

    3 apps background refresh/location services.
  10. xardoz

    Lagging / Freezing / IOS 8 ??

    Well lets explore the idea that it could be different models Cellular vs Wifi only, Max memory, and how about available memory. My background: Member on the board since Mar 24, 2010 (I confess not active much except during upgrades to see what other folks are seeing) , I ordered the Ipad 1...
  11. xardoz

    Don't Like iOS 8? Here's How to Go Back to iOS 7.1.2 While you Still Can

    For step 1 of those directions this is where I got my firmware: The rest is exactly what I did. I had a backup from right before I did the upgrade. It takes a while but its so nice to have it back to what it...
  12. xardoz

    iOS 8 for iPad 2

    Yes it slowed it appreciably, I went back to 7.1.2 today.
  13. xardoz

    Any iPad 2ers Having Good Success with iOS 8?

    I downgraded back to 7.1.2 slowed/lagged interaction with the device too much for me. I had it on since first day available, finally went back today. I did not see that may differences that would impact me by going back.
  14. xardoz

    Lagging / Freezing / IOS 8 ??

    I downgraded back to 7.1.2 just too much lag and general slow down of using the device (not download/upload speed). To be honest there was not a lot of difference in 8.0 for me to really care.
  15. xardoz

    Ipad 2 not moving at Lantau Island

    This is driving me nuts, how many days is it just going to sit in F'in LANTAU ISLAND HK is been there 18th 19th 20th 21st......