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    iPad Air is exiting to home screen more than ever

    As far as I remember, all my apple devices have done it, ipads anyway, only ever used the phones for messaging and calls :) I think it is an os/memory issue, but i do think it is strange that they still do it, programming issue? Not enough ram for the os and programs? That said, having moved...
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    New iPad Air

    Look for the sales person who is looking in need for sales, they might throw in an extra cable :)
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    iPad Air is exiting to home screen more than ever

    Mine does it once on a while, but I think it is only safari and mail that does it, or at least mainly, I use AirVideo alot and I don't remember it ever kicking me to the home screen I think it is software(app) programming issues, re how they handle memory
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    case lock/unlock button

    Settings/general Under auto lock and restrictions
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    Being sent to the Home Screen when in Safari and Mail

    Still getting them with 7.1 Strangely enough, the my other ipad air, an asian model, doesn't do it......
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    Calendar Help

    If you have a gmail account Go into settings, then mail, contacts and calendars Click on add account and add your gmail account That will link you ipad with gmail, so you can use the ipad apps to read your email, check your calendar etc
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    Downloading photos

    I'm presuming your harddrive is connected to a computer in someway, internally or externally Give this a try Transfer iPhone photos to PC, recover iPad photos to computer
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    Webpage shrinking

    Thank you, I thought as much, but none of them seem to have the problem, was driving me nuts lol I hate finding a problem and not knowing why lol I can sleep properly now :)
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    Webpage shrinking

    Having issues with a forum Not sure if it is just the mentioned forum If you go to the forums and go into any thread, click on options on the top right of the post On my ipad 1, 2, air, iPhone 3, 4, 5, upon clicking options, the forum will shrink, however you...
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    Will the lightning connector ever be supported ?

    Supply a USB connector so the person can charge the device whilst connected via Bluetooth
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    Samsung Takes Hits at the iPad Air in its Latest Ad

    Apple should do one, 0.2mm vs battery life, which would you choose Take my old iPhone 5 vs my now Samsung Galaxy S4 The iPhone lasted all day and still had charge, the S4...... Let's just say I have to carry a spare battery with portable charger! I suspect the battery life on the tab isn't...
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    Lightning cable

    Just make sure it is right. I say that because I bought some, not from Apple, and after updating to ios7 I think it was, the ipad rejected them. I took them to Apple, apparently they were fake, the genius guy showed me how he knew. The connector part on the original Apple lightning cable is...
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    iPad air temperature

    My ipad air gets a little warm after extended use, watching episodes/movies via air video, only at the bottom part though
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    Charging Cables

    Have you tried USB 3.0 cables?
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    Mifi connection.

    I don't use a mifi, but I presume it will be like a router, maybe you need to tell it to allow access for the ipad For example, my broadband router, if I tell it anyone can see it, anyone can see it, but they can not connect to it until I tell the router that the device is allowed or set it so...