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  1. wot_fan

    Why used iPads so expensive on auction sites?

    I think some are purchased by people overseas that can't get them locally.
  2. wot_fan

    iPad plastic bulge?

    You don't have to backup your apps since Apple will let you download them again for free. You do need to backup any music or video you have purchased as well as any items you created with your apps (like pages docs). Just sync your iPad to your computer before you visit Apple and you should be...
  3. wot_fan

    They Should Make...

    Just double tap the home button. A small iPod control window will pop up.
  4. wot_fan

    I got my iPad!!! :D

    Congrats! Hope you get well soon :).
  5. wot_fan

    iOS 3.2 VS 3.2.1 wifi speeds

    I ran a couple of tests after I upgraded too. I am getting much better download transfer rates now. The top three results are post upgrade.
  6. wot_fan

    we rule friend needed

    We have a thread going on this here: Thread closed.
  7. wot_fan

    iOS 4.1 in beta

    I like how the multitasking/app switching works on my iPhone. Since I haven't jailbroken my iPhone or iPad, I am unfamiliar with backgrounder. How is it better than Apple's implementation?
  8. wot_fan

    iPad Fan!!!

    Welcome to iPadForums.Net :).
  9. wot_fan

    Bluetooth memory card adaptor...IT's A BIG DEAL!!!!

    Not Bluetooth, but have you looked at the item in this thread?
  10. wot_fan

    Wi-Fi Reception: mine is not good, how's yours?

    Since the update, my download speed has increased significantly (according to the app). Before the update, I was getting about 8,000kb/sec down and 4,400kb/sec up. Now I am getting about 15,000kb/sec down and 4,400kb/sec up. I ran across a site that tested 3.2 vs 3.2.1. Here...
  11. wot_fan

    Do YOU think this is true?

    I received my iPhone 4 the day before it was launched. Overall it is the best phone I have ever owned. I thought the display on my 3GS was great. The 4's screen blows it out of the water. The camera is fantastic as well. Here is a pic I took of the difference between the 3GS display and...
  12. wot_fan

    DVD to iPad

    There are several threads with good info about converting DVDs/video for the iPad(like this one). I recommend you search the forum.
  13. wot_fan

    bookmark to app

    You can add links to websites to your home screen by pressing the bookmark button in Safari.
  14. wot_fan

    TowerMaddnes FREE 7.16.10 only

    Thanks for the info ;).
  15. wot_fan

    Copy and paste

    From the iPad User Guide. I recommend you check out the user guide. It has a lot of good info for new users.