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  1. Wolfpuppies3

    iPad 5 oct.22nd?

    Announced on October 22, not released.
  2. Wolfpuppies3

    When is iPad 5 coming?

    It is to be announced 10/22. Stay tuned for that release
  3. Wolfpuppies3

    Waiting for Ipad 5 - Question

    The memory remains the same amongst the various models but the storage capacity increases from 16-128GB..Your choice of the high end wifi/4G LTE model will probably set you back $929 at today's prices, assuming no increase. Applecare is optional. Onky you may determine which storage is best...
  4. Wolfpuppies3

    Thinking About Getting An iPad Mini

    Size matters and you have time at any rate. I have two 64 GB iPad3s which are both filled (wife and self). My mini is 32 GB wifi only and i will definitely go for the 128 GB mini wifi and LTE as well. I made a downsizing mistake thinking I would only use the mini as a reader.
  5. Wolfpuppies3

    Thinking About Getting An iPad Mini

    Wait a month longer for the new one at the same price.
  6. Wolfpuppies3

    Memory issue?

    On your mini, go to settings/usage to see how much storage space (not memory) you have and how you are using it
  7. Wolfpuppies3

    I need an iPad Mini Case with hand strap and detachable keyboard

    May I suggest a lap top? Lots of carryin cases, bulky keyboard already attached
  8. Wolfpuppies3

    Survey on Tablets

    Hilarious non scientific survey of minimal or no value to anyone considering a pad purchase.
  9. Wolfpuppies3

    Photos with iPad Mini Camera

    No, wouldn't dream of it. The quality of image is greatly poorer than that obtainable on an iPhone 5 (or, certainly, with a real camera) and the iPad, even the Mini is waaaaaaaay too large to be holding up to my face to take pictures. May as well hold a paperback book up top your head. Same...
  10. Wolfpuppies3

    Connecting iPod classic to iPad mini.

    One word. iTunes Just hot sync. That was easy.
  11. Wolfpuppies3

    Hot iPad

    Define "hot" please. All electronic devices get warmer when pressed into hard, usually video related, use. I have had the iPad1, iPad2, and currently we have two iPad 3s and a Mini. None have ever gotten uncomfortably hot. The 1 and 2 are still used daily by family members, ditto - no problem.
  12. Wolfpuppies3

    New iPad Virus

    I too would be very interested in hearing Apple's response to you.
  13. Wolfpuppies3

    overheating issue while using video camera?

    Viewing video on any iOs device warms it right up as the processor is working very hard. Presumably recording video does likewise or even more so. I've never had that problem but I use a camera for videoing and my Mini for reading, occasional emailing and rarely, surfing. I feel that holding...
  14. Wolfpuppies3


    If your movies are in one of the formats listed above there is no "conversion" needed at all. Just import them to iTunes and hot sync. You're done. If they are in some obscure format simply use Handbrake to convert them.
  15. Wolfpuppies3

    I need help to decide wihich ipad

    Jake, from your stated needs, an iPad3 would suit you well. It has the Retina display just like the iPad4 but the refurbs are available with full warranty directly from Apple at a significant discount. Now the choice boils down to which of the 24 available models of iPad3 is best for you. 16...