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    New Social Group - North Texas iPad User Group

    Wolfhawk has created a new social group called "North Texas iPad User Group", with the following description: To join this group visit the social groups homepage where this new group will be listed.
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    new guy in Texas

    I live Out west of Fort Worth. Welcome.
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    Sick of iPhone content in cydia

    I think that the ability to separate out iPad apps/stuff would be nice and it is in no way insulting to the long-term that the website has been around. I pay for stuff so you can not ding me on that point, just would like an ability to separate out the iPad stuff. I realize that this will come...
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    Here is the link to the other conversation:
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    In the iPad Hacking section, there is a topic on this, but to bring you up to date: This is normal for a Jailbroken device... No worries, your baby if fine.
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    My iPad is GROUNDED!!

    My iPad was an object, but.... ..she is now a close friend. I understand your feelings of wondering if your 'friend' will be 'alright'.
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    Hello so glad to be here

    Welcome to the forum and welcome to 'our' pain. I cannot tell you the number of times I have bought something 'neat' and then bought something else 'neat' and they do not play well with each other. Then comes the figuring/modding to make it happen.....
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    Multi colored lines on the right side when powering on.

    Well, I can tell you from my point of view, I am not whining :) (proper spelling), I am just making sure things are as they are suppose to be. :o Sorry if 'we' have offended you with comparing :D notes....
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    Howdy from North Texas

    Well, I have been a hard core non-Mac user for most of my life but i did get involved with a few when I worked for one company many years ago involving the Mac Cube thingies. Anyway, I jumped on the iDevice bandwangon a while back via the iPod Touch (1st Gen), then the iPhone 3, then the...
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    eBook Question - "How do I get an Author to publish via eBook?"

    I know a few authors who i would like to get books of theirs in eBook format. I am going to try and get them 'onboard' with the idea but i want to know what I need to know before I approach them. This info is already captured (one sells his book directly) what is needed to move to the eBook...
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    Security Warning! Both Jailbroken and Non Jailbroken devices..

    Back to the original topic of this topic..... I have a Magazine app and it is having the same problem as the iBook problem...asking for permission to allow for access to PDF. I am hoping that there will be a way to tell the app the iBook and my magazine app does not need the 'checking'.
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    Multi colored lines on the right side when powering on.

    I have the same thing...very small multi-colored lines about an inch long and only in the little apple screen
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    iOS 3.2 VS 3.2.1 wifi speeds

    MikesTooLz, May I ask what the Speed Tests you used, please?
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    Official iPad Owners List

    iPad Ownership Here 64g 3G Unit Owner