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    OS update?

    Does the iPad 1 have any updates higher than 5.1.1?
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    Is there an iPad 4???!!

    Oh someone beat me to it in a basic point
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    Is there an iPad 4???!!

    Yes the 4th generation came out with the mini same day. It's not called iPad 4 though, it's called iPad with retina display. Even tho iPad 3 has that too.. But yes big new iPad that's twice as fast as 3 and mini with iPad 2 guts (ew) are both out and are different.
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    Should i upgrade from ipad 3 to ipad 4?

    Well what about compared to first gen iPad which I still have?
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    Ios 5.1.1

    Oh I love them! I knew about the swiping left and right and closing the app but I didn't know swiping up reveals the open apps while you're already in apps that's cool lol
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    Ios 5.1.1

    Omg you're my hero!!!
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    Ios 5.1.1

    So I finally upgraded my iPad 1 to the newest OS, and glad the keyboard can split but unhappy I can't close an app or switch by swiping 4 fingers, is this just being on an iPad 1 issue?? Also for a secondary topic, any cool new features from 5.0+ that I should know about? (this was the first...
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    Is the new screen that big of a deal?

    Dictation isn't 2 years new though, it could of easily been implemented in the first iPad. But glad it's here nonetheless.
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    Onlive desktop

    Anyone try this out? I love the feel of it, having a desktop on your iPad. Also with PowerPoint, word and stuff it feels pretty full. But I won't use those, I wanted to know in the paid version if you can make it really like a desktop. Like idk, download things on the web at you would on your...
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    Dream Heights's Neighbor code

    TBBUDF I'm active!
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    Dream heights question...

    I'm trying the time thing sounds cool
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    EmuROMs help

    Ok my last thread got closed because the mod misunderstood.. I wasn't asking how to get roms, I was asking about that specific app in Cydia. I was just asking if I'm suppose to already have the roms on the iPad for that app to be effective.
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    EmuROMs help

    I can't find a way to play rooms on there, would I have to download Roms first?
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    Game emulators.

    Is there iPad emulators specifically?
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    Game emulators.

    Cydia, idk about iPad but I know for iPhone, jailbroken though.