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    Official iPad Owners List

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    Official iPad Pre-order List

    i pre ordered mine at around 6 a.m. pacific time in the car on my way to work (i wasn't driving). had to wait about 20 min on hold. got the 64gb 3g version, with two docks, one for work, one for home, and the case, and the applecare plan. grand total just north of 1,100 after tax. funny...
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    iDan, i posted a thread in general discussions about a contest. I was wondering if you could...

    iDan, i posted a thread in general discussions about a contest. I was wondering if you could make it a sticky so that it remained at the top until it was won? that way people could see it and i wouldn't have to bump it to make sure others can participate in it.
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    iPad CONTEST for iPadforum members

    contest: WHO WILL BE THE FIRST PERSON TO POST A PICTURE OF THEMSELVES USING THE IPAD TO VIEW THE IPADFORUMS WEBSITE. prize: all the fame and accolades of being number 1. (maybe someone could develop a special tag for their account name so instead of 'ipad fan' or 'ipad enthusiast' it...
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    Lock screen code for ipad

    i asked a similiar question in my syncing thread... and the answers that i got was that it would have the same lock function as the iphone, since it is the same OS.
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    iPad Case Reviews

    while i can't say for sure, i would be willing to bet a TON of money that it will not be a problem. Apple is not the type of company that would not consider that. That is what makes them great.
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    No Accelerometer, Right?

    i do believe that the iphone has a lock perspective feature....think i read about it in maclife or macworld mag. you should google it.
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    What other Apple products do you own?

    MacBook Pro 15", iPod Video 64gig, iPod Nano 8 gig, AND SOON TO BE AN IPAD!!!!!!!
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    Lock screen code for ipad

    the ipad will access your web email automatically, and you will not have to enter your email password every time. Hence once you configure your iPad for your email, anyone with access to your ipad, has access to your email. Hence the need for a lock on the ipad.
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    iPad syncing with other apps

    Has anyone heard about whether or not the iPad has a coded lock feature? I wouldn't want a device that had access to my email but did not have a way to secure it when i was not using it. also does anyone know if the contacts application for the iPad will sync the the contacts application in...
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    Where do you plan on purchasing your iPad?

    i don't think this will happen. what you are talking about is usually associated with contracts (usually multiple year contracts). the 3g 'plan' for the iPad is not a contract, it is a month to month cancel anytime plan. The reason that carriers offer reductions on devices is because they...
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    Where do you plan on purchasing your iPad?

    So are you going to get it at the apple store, or online, or bestbuy ( i heard that was going to be a possibility), or what? i realize that this is kind of a dup post, but the other did not have a poll.
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    PC vs Mac

    I have a Mac at home for my personal use. I have an IBM laptop as a work laptop. And at my work i use Windows, Solaris, and redhat.
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    Rumor Alert: Apple iPad Pre-Orders starting February 25th!

    so don't for get to set your alarm for cupertino time to start checking the website.... :)
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    Rumor Alert: Apple iPad Pre-Orders starting February 25th!

    the rumor link, only mentioned the wi-fi model. so those of us who want the 3g i guess must wait a little longer, probably because the FCC approval for 3g is longer, or requires twice as long 1 30 day period for each service (wifi then 3g). I hope the rumor is true, but I hope that it is wrong...