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    iPad mini Review

    I haven't noticed an issue between the retina and display of the iPad mini. I use my mini as a reading device which also will fill in the random web surf, email, and youtube tasks as needed. But 90% is reading. This is coming from reading on my iPhone 4 for the last 6 months. So the screen...
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    Just got it!

    It is a bit thinner. And much lighter, naturally. But it's a tad bit harder to pick up due to the more round edge. But if you're lucky enough to have long fingers such as myself, I can grasp the mini with one hand off a flat surface.
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    Post your iPad mini mega iPhone pics!

    Lets show off a little.. lets see your iPad mini mega iPhone! And give a tad of what you bought it for. For myself, only reason I got the iPad mini is for travel, reading the news (Flipboard) and basic web surfing when the Macbook Air 13" seems like too much of a pain to unplug and use. I...
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    iPad Mini Charging Times w/ 5-Watt Power Adapter

    Didn't apple roll out the 12w adapter? I thought about picking one up.. but figure just throw the damn thing on the charger when I go to bed and call it good. I hope Apple or Twelve South comes out with a nice dock station. I read the news on my iPad mini mega iPhone so it'll be hanging out on...
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    iTunes sucks > Mini

    No they are not responsible for my internet "problems". And FYI, I don't have internet "problems". Not everyone has cable internet, dsl or even dial up. But if you want to defend the fact their products are too secure and it's my problem, then post away. I find it hard to understand how my...
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    iTunes sucks > Mini

    Apple always goes for "Simple" and "Just works". Not everyone has access to such luxury features. I can't restore/upload my favorite apps on my iPad from my older iPad because I need iTunes 10.7 What makes this difficult for me is the fact that I don't have internet at my home and rely on AT&T...
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    Just got it!

    I noticed the screen too. To me, the screen feels "cheap". Doesn't really feel like glass either. It's smooth..but touchy touchy feel too pressed. Other than that, I love it. Can't wait to try it tonight in bed as I read the news before I snooze away :)
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    ipad Mini shipping

    Mine arrived at 12:14pm First thoughts.. Front glass display feels cheap. Super light -Nice! Size - Perfect! Seems quite a bit faster than my current iPhone 4 Display, looks a little bit sharper than my iPad 2, not near as crisp at iPhone 4 but colors are vidid and sharp. I don't forsee any...
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    ipad Mini shipping

    USPS down.. Fedex and UPS to go..
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    Who Here That Owns An iPad Will Buy The iPad Mini?

    LOL the typical "I'm going to wait until the next one comes out" thought process. Always waiting for the next best thing... Enjoy life today. No sense in waiting. If the product fits your needs today, buy it today. Simple as that.
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    iPad Mini obsolete already?

    I love the ipad/iphone toys. But I'm not one that buys such toys for their full use. I don't need a "life remote" like android seems to try and do. I just need/want something easy to use with email, reading news, weather check, youtube and photos. I'm 26.
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    Who Here That Owns An iPad Will Buy The iPad Mini?

    I only got mine to read the news via flipboard. That's one expensive magazine..
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    ipad Mini shipping

    Yeah I heard the white ipad mini sold out in minutes (probably because the black model sctaches so easy like the black i5?) The black mini took a couple days to sell out..
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    iPad Mini's New Rear

    you kids and your "protect the back". Never understood the case wars.. I can understand the case to give more grip. But in fear of scratching the back? Really? ...the part of apple fans I'll seriously never understand. To be fair I will be getting a clear protector for front/back of my i5 but...
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    Who's planning to stand in line tomorrow at 8AM for the iPad Mini?

    I ordered online. I live on the border to mexico. There are 700k "residents"..but figure all the aliens there is close to 1million people. Plus the bus loads of people that cross the border daily. Shopping down here on a regular tuesday is like Black Friday in my home town of Denver. Shopping...