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    The Official Ipad 3 Accessories Thread

    Guess this issue is cause due to Apple changing something in the Magnet Polarity. The root cause for this issue is covered in the below link and there is a video as well defining the issue. Mark's Hangout - Mark's Hangout Blog - iPad 3 Smart Cover Sleep/Wake Feature Not*Working It's not a big...
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    The Official Ipad 3 Accessories Thread

    I bought this Folio for my iPad 3 from Amazon for $24.95. It's yet to ship.. I'll let you guyz know once I have it on my device. INVELLOP GRAY Leatherette Smart Cover case for iPad 2/3 Before this, I got the SwitchEasy CoverBuddy hard case, but it did not fit my iPad 3.
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    Does your iPad 3 heat up excessively?

    I did not experience any heat issues. Also, I did not play any graphic intense games or did I have the brightness set to 100%. So far loving the iPad.
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    What screen protector did you buy for your ipad 3

    I have Ghost Armor for screen and the back of the iPad. I actually had it installed in the Mall from the GA guys themselves. So, it's pretty much flawless :)
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    1st iPad owner

    Hello all, I'm a new iPad owner. I've missed out on the iPad 2 (at least that's what I thought). I did not want to miss this one. I per-ordered my "New iPad" on the day of the key note. Got it in FedEx. I must say the screen is gorgeous. I hope to use this as a daily driver to browse and watch...