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Recent content by Veritas4420

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    iPad 2 as a gift?

    I love my ipad 2 I use it everyday for music, movies, emails, surfing and now for all my fantasy football leagues. I never thought I could justify spending the money but it's also helped me a lot at work. If my girlfriend had gotten me an ipad 2 for a present I would put a ring on it. :-) just...
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    My Clinic friend request

    JLadd4420 add please!
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    My Clinic friend request

    JLadd4420 add plz!
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    How do I add a picture when placing a Craigslist posting?

    Are you using a craigslist app? If not try craigly for the iPad, you click on the photo you want to add and it also will show you a preview before the post is final.
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    Using Ipad 2 as GPS?

    LOL all gps companies charge for map updates, and most of the garmin units come with free lifetime map updates, also the ads go along with you're free traffic, if you don't like the ads turn the traffic off pretty simple. I suggest what people steer clear of is you're information, but to each...
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    How many apps have you installed on your iPad?

    142 active and probably 15 uninstalled.
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    Tried a screen protector but disgarded it.

    Never felt the need for one.
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    Old & Brain-Dead...please be gentle!

    I would say the iPad is the easiest tablet to use out of any in the market right now. It does tale some time to get used to but that's like any piece of electronics. And welcome!
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    Where are you from?

    Lenexa, Kansas
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    What's the last movie you saw?

    Horrible bosses, awesome movie!
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    iOS 6-what do you want for the ipad?

    Live wallpapers plz!
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    Safari Crash

    Crashed for me the first time, tried it again and stopped it from loading fully then refreshed the page and now no more crashing.
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    should i buy an ipad 2?

    I'm guessing he has enough for the original iPad+ money for games but in a month he will have enough for the iPad 2 and not as many games...
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    My Clinic friend request

    JLadd4420 add me!!!!!
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    Official Facebook App for iPad

    +1 for friendly it does what I need it to do and it looks nice.