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  1. veraderock

    Forum Subscription Email

    Hi Fah, I've checked out mail logs and do see that an email was successfully sent to you recently. Your mail server accepted the email, which I assume would have been a daily subscription notice. Have you received any email from the site recently? If not, perhaps you're email address on file...
  2. veraderock

    Site Problems

    Thanks for posting this Rickw717 .. We will look into blocking this advertiser.
  3. veraderock

    Forum slow loading

    How is running for you today? We heard back that the issue has been fixed, and some users have noticed improvements.. Are you noticing a difference today?
  4. veraderock

    Forum slow loading

    We've identified a slow ad that is being delivered to the site and contacted the affiliate about it. They are looking to disable it now, and suggested in the meantime that clearing your cookies might help. To be honest, I can't think of how that would help, but it's worth a try until they get...
  5. veraderock

    Forum slow loading

    When this happens, can you take a screengrab and upload it here for us? It sounds like there might be a targetted advertisement that might be the cause, so if we can identify which they we can filter it out.
  6. veraderock

    Please Help

    Yes, we've been experiencing a problem with the notifications for the past few days. I've opened a support request to get the issue fixed asap, and the support company is looking into it. I'll respond to this thread once I get a better response from them. Sorry for this inconvenience, we'll try...
  7. veraderock

    parse error

    Ok, are you using the main iPadForums app or a separate Tapatalk or Forumrunner app? Also, I'm assuming you're using your iPad please let me know if you're on something else (iPhone, android, etc)
  8. veraderock

    parse error

    We've upgraded the plugin for the mobile app, please try again and post here if it works more reliably for you now.
  9. veraderock

    Parse Error

    I was able to find a problem with the app that would produce parse errors. Could you guys try it again and let me know if you're still getting the parse error message?
  10. veraderock

    Introducing myself as asked.

    Hi ccrsipy, Welcome to the forum! iSlate was an early "potential" name for the iPad before the iPad was released. Once the iPad was released as the "iPad" the (on this forum) was changed to iPad. I don't know where you would have seen that, the welcome email is just a simple one-line just as...
  11. veraderock

    Problem with iPF App - OT Discussions

    I've found a bug in our ForumRunner software that may have been affecting this. It's been patched now (and delivered to ForumRunner to hopefully fix properly).. Can you let me know if there's any improvement? I just tried that same thread and was able to navigate from page 105 through 107...
  12. veraderock

    Forum Runner on

    I know this is a dated thread, but thought it deserved a response. Yes, we do support ForumRunner.. ;-)