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  1. Unleashed

    iOS7: JailBreak Status Thread (Official)

    I will probably jailbreak, but only so I can use Browser changer
  2. Unleashed

    Issues with Air

    safari is useless ;p Use chrome all the time, its the best browser, you can login from one machine and from the other all of your passwords and favourites will load in seconds, this reason alone makes me use chrome, as well as the easier browsing, the tabs are easier to use as well as the...
  3. Unleashed

    Upgrading To Ipad Air

    The thing is with the black bits on the end the actual screen real estate is the same, the iPad air has more screen space even though it is smaller. some times I feel like im holding an iPad mini though, I do understand what youre saying..
  4. Unleashed

    Upgrading To Ipad Air

    I moved from the 4 to the iPad air, 128 to 128 LTE.. nice upgrade
  5. Unleashed

    Dont miss out on these FREE apps! pages, numbers, garage band, iMovie, iPhoto, Keynot

    I have to say, I bought the iPad and completely forgot about the fact they are Free lol, thanks for reminding me Add - I also had this problem and your solution fixed it, seems to be a common problem. Sticky thread. Ty
  6. Unleashed

    I bought Apple Care for the first time for the Air....

    I did as well, good thing about the apple care is that it now includes accidental damage :D
  7. Unleashed

    iPad Air

    So smooth and fast, even compared to the iPad 4.. Love the size but it does look smaller at a glance even though it's the same size
  8. Unleashed

    How to upgrade to iPad Air, saving, transferring, selling?

    all you have to do is open itunes and press backup, this saves everything on your device.. thats all you need to do
  9. Unleashed

    Upgrading To Ipad Air

    its good because the mini is pretty much the same as the air now, very good for travel if you dont mind the smaller screen while the air has much more screen space making the jump from the 4 to the air worth it imo with all the extra hardware updates it has
  10. Unleashed

    New iPad Air Ordered

    they have now slipped from 5-10 working days not only the 128gb wifi plus LTe model :S still have not bought mine yet, but it looks like it has so much more screen real estate which is a huge plus side
  11. Unleashed

    New iPad Air Ordered

    shipping dates dont seem to have slipped quickly, here its still 24 hours :D
  12. Unleashed

    Upgrading To Ipad Air

    24 hour delivery dates.. I wish my 5S was that instead I had to wait 3 weeks lol
  13. Unleashed

    Who's getting an iPad Air?

    I read on the news that the powerful WOZ was not happy with the air because there is only a 128GB model and no more space available, :D I love how this guy thinks
  14. Unleashed

    Pricing of Ipad 4

    I would honestly hold off until the air or mini retina to get one as you have held off this long
  15. Unleashed

    Upgrading To Ipad Air

    That is a good reason to go with the Cellular model I agree especially if you dont have in built sat nav or any device like tom tom already.. it can be very handy