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    Apple tech support for My iPad 3

    I think you can only purchase AppleCare Plus for a new IPad within 30 days of your purchase. I got this for my IPad. This support for me is more for accidental damage like cracked screen, etc. general software support I never needed, but it could be a benefit to you.
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    Its official, some new iPads have problems

    I started with the IPad original and skipped the IPad 2. Love the Retina Display and the faster processor. I must say it had been a while since I have actually started with a new IPad and it was nice to go through all my apps and really see which ones I don't use anymore or never used. Who...
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    Who is getting their 3 first?!

    I ordered the 64gb Verizon 4G/LTE. Already have the IPad Original with AT&T 3G. Figure Verizon might have better coverage. Mine shows it is at FedEx. I have a suspcion that Apple made an arrangement with the shippers to hold orders and they will all actually ship out on Thursday for a Friday...
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    Hopefully you already preordered if you were planning to!

    Just got my shipping confirmation email!!
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    iPhone PROJECTOR! BenQ Joybee GP2 Mini Projector Overview X Luismachintosh

    I just got the new Dell M110 DLP projector. Similar size and weight. Doesn't have the IPhone dock or battery. but it is about $50 cheaper, is in stock and has 300 ANSI lumens vs 200 ANSI lumens for the BenQ. Pretty bright unit for the size and price. Resolution is nice. I have played from IPad...
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    New SkySafari 3 Pro for IPad is OUT!

    Whether you get any app depends on how much value you thinks it offers you. For me this product does and others do not. It also depends how how much astronomy you do. I am a fairly serious amateur and try to observe as often as I can - which hasn't been much with all the bad weather in Dallas...
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    New SkySafari 3 Pro for IPad is OUT!

    I know what you mean. I have an entire folder of astronomy apps. From Star Walk, GoSkyWatch and many others. This new version of SkySafari is really complete. I have a Dobsonian without any goto and I don't need telescope control either, but a database with 15 million entries is something...
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    New SkySafari 3 Pro for IPad is OUT!

    For any Astronomy buffs like myself the new and greatly improved SkySafari 3 is now available for download. They have 3 versions. SkySafari 3 - $2.99, 50 MB. 120K stars, no telescope control. The basic version of SkySafari 3 shows you 120,000 stars, plus 220 of the best-known star clusters...
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    What happened to "The Funnies"

    Mine works fine. I read it everyday. They also had a fairly recent update that made it much better with less crashing. Perhaps it is just gone for a little while. R, AC
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    The Daily

    I prefer Flipbook which is free and better interface with a wide selection of media choices. I already deleted The Daily app,
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    Weatherbug disappeared.

    Mine stopped working yesterday. It's as if they cut off any weather updates. I saw it disappeared from the Apps store also. I ended up uninstalling it and switching to Intellicast HD and that looks great. R, AC
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    Is 2012 the end??

    What the naysayers neglect to tell you is that the alignment of the planets on December 21st occurs EVERY December 21st. Plus the Mayan calendar isn't ending, but merely starts the cycle over again. As an amateur astronomer we get asked these questions from the general public. That and the...
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    Hello iPad fans

    I forgot about those legacy deals. R, AC
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    Should I buy a 16GB or 32GB wifi iPad model?

    My philosophy is you can never have too much memory. I went with 64 gb. R, AC
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    Hello iPad fans

    Unlimited 3G? Where did you get that deal? I too just got a 64gb 3G model and use it all the time. I don't have 220 apps, more like 20. R, AC