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    Good email app

    Ibismail is a Great App. If your like me and you use your iPad/iPhone as your primary resource for viewing emails and you have multiple accounts with a large volume of emails incoming daily, then you will LOVE this program. It features both mass read and delete functions (no more checking...
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    Battery Drain / Performance in IOS5 Update

    Apple has a patch in Beta and should have a fix available for the next update. Performance improvement is a GUESS based on whatever is consuming the battery that can be fixed in a software update is likely affecting available resources for programs being used. An article mentions excessive...
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    iPad slower after ios5?

    There is a known issue in IOS5 affecting battery life and I am assuming affecting performance on many devices. See article or just Google it. Apple promises software fix for iOS 5 battery woes - Computerworld
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    Excel capabilities on iPad

    iPad just doesn't do Excel correctly unless it's the most basic type. Anything using list functions or data filter functions just don't work. Frustrating as I need both to use the IPad as my source for the documents. You can still use an RDP though and then use Excel natively on a PC or Mac
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    Turn off App Notice

    Thought I mentioned using a different browser in the OP?
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    Turn off App Notice

    Is there anyway to turn off the notice that pops up at least twice every time I come to this site notifying me of your app? I don't want an app for forums or news pages or any number of other items and frankly this SPAM is annoying as hell. I can change browsers and hide my iPad but should...
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    Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite for iPad

    Doesn't work correctly on imported Excel files If you use a spreadsheet (ie imported spreadsheet created in excel), this program will not display data filter sort and it also will not display the list function of any cell (ie a cell has a drop down arrow that let's you select from a list of...
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    Apple iPad launches today at Verizon!

    Mifi Plug in Modem Can you use the modem with a regular wifi iPad or do you need to buy verizons iPad to use the mifi wifi?
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    Photo Metadata / EXIF Data

    Nobody here knows or can at least hint at how long before Apples version of some photo program hits that allows you to see this data?
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    iPad photo app

    Events are created when you upload from a camera to your iPad, so I guess you could create the "tab" that way. Events will not assign the date to each of your photos (Events is the date when a group of photos were uploaded) unlike GeoTagging which allows you to assign a place to each photo...
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    Photos Take Up Space After Deletion, Also Can't Be Transferred

    Blank Images I use my iPad the same as you, I have noticed that images directly uploaded to the iPad from my Camera do not delete through Itunes. I have to manually delete them from my iPad. I assumed this was a safety precaution to insure that images that may not have been saved to your Mac...
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    Bookmarks are automatically named with the Chapter, Page and Date the Bookmark was placed.
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    Camera Connector Problem with Canon 7D

    Its your connector Couple things might cause the application to crash, or cause blank or mixed/garbled photos. 1) If your using a case make sure the usb connector is fully seated, most cases block at least part of the camera connection kit. 2) Make sure you camera stays on until ALL...
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    Photo Metadata / EXIF Data

    Can someone please explain to me why this information is being blocked on the iPad? There were several programs that used to allow you to view the data for your iPhone camera (although that seems pointless since the iPhone is a point and shoot camera). Took almost an hour to find programs...
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    Mobile Me?

    Okay what happened? Anyone else find the interface just deplorable? There seems to be nothing in the works to fix how this program works with the iPad. Basing this on the gallery viewer available on the app store. I am an amateur photographer and this device is amazing for the things it...