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    iPadForums Apple TV Giveaway Winner

    Thanks so much Dan and the forum - I'm really excited about adding the AppleTV. Love the iPad, will be awesome to add the AppleTV capabilities!
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    New member from Iowa - love my iPad, not AT&T

    Bogy, Yes, I actually have signed up and used the 3G service. I use it exactly as you were planning to. I'll sign up when I'm heading out of town to a place that gets AT&T reliably, and then cancel it when that month expires. Rinse and repeat when I head back out of town. No clue why they...
  3. T Apple TV GiveAway

    Followed on twitter (VoiceoftheDutch) RT'd Why should I win? There's something missing from the following picture... I need an AppleTV to make my basement complete!!!
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    New member from Iowa - love my iPad, not AT&T

    The only saving grace is that you don't HAVE to sign up for AT&T on a contract. However, I did pay extra for the 3G+WiFi, rather than just a WiFi model, so it's really annoying that I paid extra for a feature that I have to pay for that rarely works.
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    New member from Iowa - love my iPad, not AT&T

    Hello I'm new to the forum, don't know why it took me so long to find you. I bought my iPad on the 3G release date, and I LOVE it! Not a huge fan of the 3G service, as I live in rural Iowa, and let's just say that AT&T isn't the best here. That's what stopping me from getting...