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    ipad will not charge

    I am having issue with ipad charging. I bought a universal ipod/Iphone/ipad cable and it worked for a day and now it say not charging. I used a friends ipod touch charger and it says charging assecory not supported. Any ideas. Thanks.
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    Ipad screen Burn in

    Anything to worry about?..
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    Ipad screen Burn in

    For the last few months i have notice if i go to safari and open it up for the web, or some other apps the address bar or some other things appear to burn in to screen and takes a few for it to clear up? Is it anything to worry about?
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    " Print n Share" app and iOS5 --- RIP?

    Print quality I bought print n share and when it prints words are blurry almost like 3d. I have canon mg5220, prints fine with cpu... But at work we have hp and ipad prints there perfect... So does anyone else have this issue???
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    Need help on ipad printing clear

    I have a canon mg5220, i know i have to get a app to print and i have done that. I bought the print n share pro, but when it prints letters are all blurry. Does anyone else have this issue with this app? I know its not printer, it prints fine with cpu.... The HP at work connects straight to...
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    AV out issue

    I have an avi cable i bought at best buy so i can watch mlb on tv from ipad and it works great. Like 35 dollars....
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    Ipad having issues playing you tube

    I am having issues with my ipad downloading youtube videos, it will start and stop like 5 to 20 sec in to it and will not download it. I know it not internet cause it does it at work and home and my ipod has no problems.... i have wifi only... Any ideas Thanks...