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    TV Apps

    FilmOn Plus is one of the best I found
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    support for special needs?

    I am looking for apps web sites to help my child who is non-verbal - I found a couple of Apps I really like but want to see if anyone had some further recommendations?
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    great App for special needs - non-verbal AAC

    I found this great App for non-verball - AAC - special needs - Speech Button I am amazed by how the Ipad can really help this area of education and how the students respond - if you are dealing with AAC in your everyday life - you should check this out...belo is what I copied from the web...
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    Keynote App presentation to USB "Thumbstick"???

    very difficult to do and actually not sure you can
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    Desk stand

    great work - can yu make me one
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    Should I Jailbreak??

    I wouldn't recommed it - Jailbreak is not the best
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    Baby Speak For Toddlers - Great New App

    Baby Speak is a communication device for toddlers and their parents, assisting them in communicating and learning together through a series of words and icons. As a child begins to grow, crawl and walk – they also begin attempting to communicate. Sometimes children know what they want to say...