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Recent content by Tom1986

  1. Tom1986

    A question about Ipad, PC, and Itunes

    It is just like with ipod, however I believe there are better and cheaper services providing the stuff for our's ipads.
  2. Tom1986

    New iPad car mount!

    best for those who stay in traffic jams:)
  3. Tom1986

    Best sites for App Reviews

    Yup, youtube is a good source, but try searching ipad dedicated sites like those mentioned by numblock
  4. Tom1986

    What do you think you'll use your iPad for?

    The same things I used to do with ipod plus movies & games.
  5. Tom1986

    Official iPad Owners List

    Mine is the same
  6. Tom1986

    I bit the bullet...

    It surely takes some time:)
  7. Tom1986

    Hi to all!

    I just got my ipad and I am happy to join your community!