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    itunes crash adding videos

    For some reason mine won't sync videos whether in a folder or not. Update: I unistalled the latest version of iTunes reinstalled an earlier version. Now all works great. Thanks for replies.
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    itunes crash adding videos

    Thank you for reply. I am so new to all this even though my videos played before but now in the right format will still not get past the same error message. not sure how to do the above. But still working on it.
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    itunes crash adding videos

    Not sure what happen i had my videos in a folder on the iPad 2. i have windows 7 everything was working fine now i can't sync any new videos, everytime i try adding i get this message. iTunes has stopped working a problem caused the program to stop working correctly. windows will close and...
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    Sync Photos

    Hope someone can help. I been sync named photos folder without any trouble. i have version 4.3.4. Now when i try and sync new photo folder for album it does not appear. pictures show up in events but no folder. Any suggestions would be very helpful. Thanks. Update: Solved Would have deleted...
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    There Will Be A Facebook iPad App After All

    Hope it's released soon.
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    iSwifter issues

    I did the suggested in settings same here no go. times out. did contact but never heard back. hope this will be corrected.
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    DVD To iPad

    Thanks.. These are DVD's & CD's i purchase for myself. And wanted to add to my iPad.
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    DVD To iPad

    So in the US it's legal to copy CD Music & DVD Videos to iPad?
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    Puffin Browser - anyone tried this?

    Hope i didn't speak too soon.
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    Puffin Browser - anyone tried this?

    It works great.
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    iSwifter app allows unlimited flash content to play on iPad.. For free.

    Same problem here. Keep hoping an update will correct this. Will also wait before buying.
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    Do you put it to sleep/wake or shut off??

    Great idea. After you slit the material did you glue it back down or stich some way? Thanks.
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    Which stylus?

    I odered and received this one.. Like it a lot. Targus Stylus for Apple iPad 16GB, 32GB, 64GB WiFi + 3G, iPad 2, iPhone, iPod, Tablet AMM01US (Black): Electronics
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    Vaja and Piel Frama Cover Pictures

    Great review. Thanks for sharing.
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    App stopped working

    Yeah i got a laugh out of # 7 too ... That was a good one. lol