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Recent content by tixrus

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    lost source files retrieval

    I got some new music onto my computer and added it to the ipad in unrealbook. Then my hard drive died (Computer not ipad. ) There were a few days that did not get backed up because my main computer was so slow I needed to shut everything down including backup just to clean it up enough to take...
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    unreal book page turn issue

    That solved my problem fine & dandy. :)
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    unreal book page turn issue

    I am using unreal book with or without a bt air turn page turner (doesn't matter). I have a fair amount of data in it. I use the animation for turning pages because it helps me see that the page has been turned. [ The instant turn I find a bit jarring. ] Recently instead of a zip page...
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    Looking for unrealBook indexes

    I have some... PM if you haven't gotten them by now.