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  • Try Puffin browser. It plays flash pretty well. And also iSwifter it plays videos really well but the browsing is horrible. Also skyfire plays a lot of videos. But my favorite is the Puffin browser I use it to surf the web and to watch videos. Also Azul is a good video converter and it plays right in the app.
    Hey Tim,

    I was wondering if you had time to SKYPE sometime. I have many questions about - how too? with the ipad2 Thanks in advance........ Jonathan Hunt
    Tim, I have jiggled, wiggled, powered off and on with both buttons and my camera might work today and might not work today. Lens still closed. Any additional advice.
    Hi Tim. My iPF apps just got blackout. I mean i can't use it anymore. I don't know what went wrong. Do I need to remove it and re-install? Pls advise.
    Hi Tim, Thanks so much for the info.. I absolutely won't abuse the system. I belong to quite a few forums & know how annoying it is when someone doesn't "play" by the rules, esp. when everyone are good little 'forumers' (I made that up,duh! lol Maybe the word should be 'formatters'? lol). Thanks so much for your help, once again & thanks also for the nice welcome you gave me when I joined. I've started to spread the word about this wonderful forum so you will be so busy in the end you will hate me?:(
    Talk later, Tim. Take care, Hugs, Susie
    Hi Tim, Re. "Bumping" do I do that?:eek: BTW thanks for helping me with this query, silly isn't it? With the way I adding apps I should have all the apps :Dever made so logic tells me the 'kitten' will be in there somewhere!!! LOL!!:D I'm overdoing it with the smile icons but they are fun!!
    Thanks so much, again, for your help & I hope to talk to you soon re. this matter.
    Kind regards,
    Hey Tim,

    Any word on adding a couple of new Mods? I asked you several months ago and was just wondering. This is still my favorite site and retirement allows more time on the forum. Of course unless I'm visiting the grandkids. ThePhotog Jon Hunt
    Comment and question regarding iPad Apps Store thread "iPad Games." RE: Games vs. Friend Requests. It appears to me that the games thread here at the IPF has actually turned into one giant "Friend Me for (name of sim here)" request thread. Can the two be separated? I come to the game thread to read up about games (new or fun or on sale) but all I seem to find lately are friend requests. Just asking...
    Hi Tim, I did what you suggested to "delete" Safari and I powered off too. I tried it twice with no results that let me type in the message box then today while reading the forum I tried tapping the buttons at top of message box to see if I could effect a change and guess what.......I was able to type after tapping That little a/A symbol on theend
    I never saw a congrats thread (direct me if there is one) for you becoming a Moderator. I wanted to say are always so warm and welcoming to the newbies and that is important on any board. Thanks for all your help. I have had the flu for 3 weeks so haven't even had the energy to play with my iPad...trying to drop by though and gain all the intel I can from the board. You'll do a great job...have fun!!!
    That was an excelent post in regards to Wi-Fi and Roaming,it also helped me understand things a little better.

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